Exclusive: HTC Vive Goes Wireless With $220 Add-On, Pre-Orders Start Friday
HTC Vive is $799, Ships ‘Early April’ And You Can Answer Phone Calls In VR
Oculus Touch vs. HTC Vive – Which Is The Better VR Controller?
Hands-on: TPCAST’s Wireless Vive Kit Really Works
Hands on with the Oculus Rift CV1
Pimax to Unveil 4K Per Eye, 200-degree Field of View VR Headset at CES 2017
Oculus Touch Review: The World’s Best VR Controller
No Vive 2 At CES, HTC Confirms
Oculus Rift Review: The Age of Virtual Reality Begins Here
Wearality shows off a new 180-degree FOV lens for VR
[Updated] Oculus Rift Display to Improve Between Now and Launch Says Palmer Luckey
This is Not a Still Photo: Realities.IO’s Photogrammetry VR Scenes Could Change Tourism Forever
Magic Leap Raises $794 Million And Announces “Mixed Reality Lightfield”
HTC Announces Vive Tracker to Power Next Generation VR Accessories
Oculus Experimental Setups Feature Smaller Tracked Area Than HTC Vive
Magnetized Controllers From Oculus Are A Really Nice Touch (Correction)
Exclusive: New VR Dev Kit From Occipital Turns iPhone Into Room-Scale VR
Hands on with the Oculus Touch Controllers
Luckey Points to Sony in Defending Oculus Exclusives
7 Weird And Wonderful HTC Vive Accessory Ideas From The Viveport Community
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ResearchVR Episode 29: Did Somebody Say Hand Interaction? Round-table With Alex Colgan

This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into Leap Motion with Alex Colgan, lead writer at the startup.

This week’s episode is a little unusual. Considering [...]

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Intel’s ‘Merged Reality’ Demo Brings Actual Hands Into VR on Oculus Rift

The bleachers at Intel’s CES sprawling booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center were packed to the gills with eager technophiles waiting to see something incredible [...]

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Oculus Touch Review: The World’s Best VR Controller

Oculus Touch officially launches tomorrow and when it does it will make the Oculus Rift a more viable and powerful virtual reality platform than ever [...]

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Oculus Will Have 50 Touch Titles on Dec. 6, Revealing Full List Next Week

If you’ve purchased an Oculus Rift and Touch, it is time to start getting excited.

An Oculus spokesperson confirmed to UploadVR the company plans to have 50 [...]

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New Pre-Orders For Oculus Touch Might Not Ship Until Christmas Week

The Oculus Touch is the long awaited peripheral that will take the virtual reality experience of the Oculus Rift to greater heights. The HTC Vive launched with two motion [...]

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Myo Maker Thalmic Labs Raises $120 Million, Teases “Next Era of Computing”

You may know Thalmic Labs for its Myo armband. Based on the amount of money the company just raised and its own ambitions, you might know it for something completely [...]

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Oculus Retail Partner Potentially Leaks Touch Price And Date

We’re patiently waiting on Oculus Connect 3 for information on Oculus Touch launch, but an official company retail partner might have just spilled the [...]

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Here’s What We Know About ZeniMax v. Oculus VR
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ZeniMax Wanted 15 Percent Of Oculus (UPDATE)
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‘Dungeons & Dragons’ in AR Teased by Wizards of the Coast Digital Games Studio

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Palmer Luckey Answers Questions In ZeniMax Court Case
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Mark Zuckerberg In ZeniMax Case: ‘Oculus Products Are Based On Oculus Technology’
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Community Download: Is Sony Pulling Away From PlayStation VR?

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ZeniMax Intends to Prove ‘Theft of Trade Secrets’ and ‘Destruction of Evidence’ by Oculus
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Oculus CTO John Carmack On The Stand: ‘I Am Not A Mac User Unless Under Duress’
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Intel’s Project Alloy Round 2: RealSense Hand-Tracking and Optimized Software

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Hands-On: Flight Game ‘Ultrawings’ Wants to Be The ‘Pilotwings’ of VR
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