Top 10 Best Oculus Quest Games To Buy At Launch

by David Jagneaux • May 21st, 2019

Here at UploadVR we’ve had access to most of the Oculus Quest launch library for quite some time. In fact, we already have reviews for games like Superhot, Dance Central, Virtual Virtual Reality, Creed, and more. And now that the Quest is officially launching to the rest of the world today, we thought we’d collect a list of the top 10 best Oculus Quest games available on day one.

This list is written from the perspective of being able to apply to anyone even if you haven’t used VR before. Here is a livestream where we show off a bunch of the games on this list:

Worth noting we’ve left off free apps like  Rec Room and VRChat because you should definitely have those downloaded regardless and since they don’t cost anything they didn’t seem useful to include in terms of recommending purchasing decisions. You should definitely install YouTube VR as well for all of the great and free 360 video content.

And we’re leaving off some games we haven’t gotten to try yet on Quest to confirm port quality (like VR horror game The Exorcist: Legion VR) or games we haven’t sunken enough time into yet (like VR MMO OrbusVR) but if preliminary indications are any value then both should be worth your hard-earned dollars if you enjoy those genres.

Without further ado, here’s the list of the best Oculus Quest games to buy at launch! They are all listed alphabetically.

Apex Construct ($19.99)

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As one of the few “full” games launching on Quest with beautifully rendered stylized visuals, killer bow and arrow mechanics, and a solid multi-hour campaign, this should be the feather in the cap of every Quest owner. It’s got a sense of scale and narrative consistency that few VR games have, let alone VR games on portable standalone devices.

Beat Saber ($29.99)

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If you are reading this article then you have probably seen or heard of Beat Saber at some point. This is the rhythm-based box-slashing VR game that’s sold over a million units and helped put VR on the map for tons of people. Now, it’s portable and plays just as good as you’d hope.

Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition ($14.99)

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There aren’t many shooters on Oculus Quest at launch, but the few that are there are really fun. Drop Dead: Dual Strike is an expanded version of a game that originally launched on the Gear VR and now features excellent dual wielding mechanics, melee weapons, a horde mode, a decent-sized campaign, and full co-op. It’s hard to go wrong with this much zombie-slaying action.

Job Simulator ($19.99)

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One of the most popular VR games is making its way to Quest and it plays better than ever. Removing the tether frees you to walk around the office cubicles if you’d like and spin about without worries. It looks great too and is easily the most accessible and fun to play version yet.

Journey of the Gods ($29.99)

Watch Our Gameplay Video Above

Journey of the Gods from Turtle Rock is a Zelda-inspired action-adventure VR game that has you slashing your sword, blocking with a shield, and firing your crossbow at enemies across large, sprawling levels. If you’re a fan of larger adventures, similar to Apex Construct in scope, then this is a great one to pick up.

Robo Recall: Unplugged ($29.99)

Watch Our Gameplay Video Above

As one of the most anticipated games for Quest, Robo Recall does not disappoint. The Unplugged version ports the entire experience over from the Rift with the only downgrades coming in the form of lower graphical power. The whole game is here complete with its tight gameplay and arcade-style fun.

Space Pirate Trainer ($14.99)

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Even after over three years, Space Pirate Trainer is still my go-to VR game when I am showing someone VR for the very first time. It’s dead simple to play  but has a ton of layers and complexity if you’re willing to dig deeper. It nails that “just one more try” feeling and the high score board makes it perfect to pass around at parties.

Superhot VR ($24.99)

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It’s difficult to overstate just how fantastic of a game Superhot is in VR. In this part shooter and part puzzle game time only moves when you do. That means you can freeze and contemplate your next action — a power that the game forces you to master quickly. It’s exhilarating, challenging, and really forces you to think outside the box. And now it’s without any wires!

Vader Immortal: Episode 1 ($9.99)

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Even though it’s immediately clear that Vader Immortal: Episode 1 is just the start of something much larger, it’s still absolutely worth the entry fee. You get a nearly hour long story that feels like an authentic part of the Star Wars universe and an addictive Jedi training dojo full of replayability. Highly recommended.

Virtual Virtual Reality ($14.99)

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Finally this is the most meta game on our list. And by that I mean that it’s part commentary on what VR actually is and what it could be, as well as what it can do. It’s a really great story that’s full of humor, charm, and memorabe moments that everyone should experience at least once.

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