10 Steam VR Vive Games We Confirmed Work With Oculus Rift And Touch

by David Jagneaux • December 1st, 2016

One of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind regarding the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch is whether or not it will work with many of the biggest and best Steam VR titles that were previously marketed as Vive-only. While the concept of an “exclusive” is fluid and up for interpretation in the VR industry since the same PCs power both headsets, the storefronts and interface options are different. Just because Steam will recognize your Rift, Touch controllers, and sensors, doesn’t mean that all of the motion controller games will work flawlessly.

That said, in addition to the 53 games Oculus Home will have for new Touch owners on Dec. 6th, many of the games avaialble on Steam do work on Touch, even if Oculus Rift support isn’t officially listed under Steam’s ‘VR Support’ category on the game’s Steam page.

We’ve seen footage of developers and other people playing games like Hover Junkers using the Oculus Touch, and the controllers have been officially supported in Steam since this summer, far ahead of the Oculus Touch launch next week on Dec. 6th. What you’ll find below is a list of some of the top Steam VR games we’ve confirmed with our own eyes and hands work with Rift and Touch — all of which were previously only supported by the HTC Vive, according to their Steam pages.

Due to embargo, we can’t talk yet about the specifics of using the controller, what worked well and what felt off, or tips outside of the publicly available Touch room-scale setup guide that we published yesterday. Also note that just because a game is not on this list does not mean that it doesn’t work — it may just mean we didn’t get around to confirming for ourselves that it worked.

You can also check this list of the best HTC Vive games for more suggestions.

Tilt Brush, by Google

Price: $29.99 [Steam page] [Our Thoughts]

Play Style: Seated, Standing, and/or Room-Scale

Google Earth VR, by Google

Price: Free [Steam page] [Our Thoughts]

Play Style: Seated, Standing, and/or Room-Scale

The Lab, by Valve

Price: Free [Steam page] [Our Thoughts]

Play Style: Standing and/or Room-Scale

Onward, by Downpour Interactive

Price: $24.99 [Steam page] [Our Thoughts]

Play Style: Standing and/or Room-Scale

Audio Shield, by Dylan Fitterer

Price: $19.99 [Steam page] [Our Thoughts]

Play Style: Standing and/or Room-Scale

Accounting, by Squanchtendo and Crows Crows Crows

Price: Free [Steam page] [Our Thoughts]

Play Style: Room-Scale

The Thrill of the Fight, by Ian Fitz

Price: $9.99 [Steam page]

Play Style: Room-Scale

Holopoint, by Alzan Studios

Price: $14.99 [Steam page]

Play Style: Standing and/or Room-Scale

Raw Data, by Survios

Price: $39.99 [Steam page] [Our Thoughts]

Play Style: Standing and/or Room-Scale

Vanishing Realms, by Indimo Labs

Price: $19.99 [Steam page] [Our Thoughts]

Play Style: Room-Scale

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  • Kevin Walker

    I thought for Google Earth at least, you needed to use a hack?

    • I don’t know if I’d call it a hack. You just download a file and drop it into your Google Earth root folder that fools it into thinking a Vive is connected, that’s all.

      • Chas Fries

        so in your article are you saying we will need to use that “hack” in order for touch to work, or do you think theyll be releasing the update next week?

        • They haven’t told us when Rift support will be official, so it’s unclear at the moment.

      • lemon lemonated

        How is that not a hack?

    • OkinKun

      The hack is only needed for now, the developers plan to release an official Touch update soon enough tho.

  • David Dewis

    Just got my payment confirmation. Should get mine on launch day hopefully.

  • Me

    As a vive user I’m so glad it works for touch. This means less hassle for devs, and more games for everyone !

    • Muhammad Jihad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Agreed. As a Rift owner I don’t get the fanboy Rift/Vive BS, the more VR titles for both platforms, the better VR sales are in general which hopefully leads to real AAA titles in the future.

  • State of Psychosis

    Make turn based RPG’s devs! 😛

  • David Dewis

    At the time of posting, these game still have not been updated to support Touch. It is however still early hours of Tuesday in the U.K. So I’m going to assume that patches will roll out over the next couple of days.

  • Adderstone VR

    The Nest also works, fun Sniping game (Mini Game) at a good price