Check Out These Amazing 360 Screenshots From VR Thriller Torn

by David Jagneaux • April 18th, 2018

We’ve gotten a few teases about Torn and its mysterious world over the last few months, but now we can get closer than ever to its Myst-like Twilight Zone-inspired atmosphere. Included below are 360 screenshots from inside the game that provide you with a 360-degree view of the dark, mysterious world.

We’ve included each screenshot down below, along with descriptions about the significance of each shot within the game world. You can also view them on the Aspyr Facebook page here.

The Grounds (Viewable 360 Version Here)

This is an iconic moment in Torn. This is one of the first glances you have of the Mansion, which no one has seen in person for the past 64 years. As you can see from the roof, Dr. Talbot modified the original structure to accommodate his numerous experiments. What was he looking for?

The Observatory (Viewable 360 Version Here)

The Observatory is home to a radio telescope. With this telescope, Dr. Talbot was able to locate in the galaxy a location they named, “The Parallel.” Dr. Talbot also liked to enjoy a cup of tea and take in the breathtaking view.

The Library (Viewable 360 Version Here)

If there is a beating heart to the Mansion, it is the library, where this large machine known to the team as “The Wonkaburger” resides. Throughout the game you will bring this machine, and the entire Mansion, for that matter, back to life. If you’re in the mood for music, that phonograph works, by the way.

The Conservatory (Viewable 360 Version Here)

In its heyday, the Conservatory was overflowing with beautiful plants from all over the globe. When the Vermont weather was too cold to explore the grounds, The Talbots enjoyed sitting here. The Angel statue featured at the center of the room was brought from Russia, salvaged from a cathedral damaged during WWII.

The Cellar (Viewable 360 Version Here)

The Cellar connects the strange devices in the house to something hidden deep underground. The cables are like a system of veins and arteries that flows through the body of the Mansion connects everything.

The Pantry (Viewable 360 Version Here)

The Pantry is a treasure trove of the many supplies and ingredients that the busy household needed to keep its guests well fed. It’s also great fun to make a mess in here.

The Gallery (Viewable 360 Version Here)

In its heyday, the Gallery was a showcase of some of Europe’s finest painters. The Gallery overlooks the Foyer and features “Fanny,” an extremely large cooling fan. As Talbot began to modify the house, this master cooler was necessary to keep current flowing through the mansion efficiently.

For more on Torn, make sure to check out our detailed interview about the world and story and watch the game’s debut trailer right here. Torn is scheduled to release on PSVR, Rift, and Vive later this year.

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