5 Reasons Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Needs VR Support

by Jamie Feltham • April 14th, 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you’ll probably know that lots and lots of Star Wars news is expected this weekend. The annual Star Wars Celebration event is underway and we’re eagerly devouring the new trailer for The Last Jedi and hoping for updates on shows like Rebels and more. But if there’s one thing we’re really looking forward to, it’s our first look at Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

DICE’s shooter sequel may have leaked earlier this week but there’s still plenty more to find out about it. With the series already supporting VR to an extent with the short X-Wing Mission on PSVR, we’re hoping that Battlefront 2 goes even deeper with its support for headsets. In fact, here’s five reasons why it needs to.

Battlefront 1 Had It (Sort Of)


It may have come a year after Battlefront launched, but PlayStation VR boasted an excellent tie-in experience that arrived in late 2016. The short piece was developed by Burnout creator Criterion and put you in the cockpit of an X-Wing, tying into Rogue One. Though brief, it’s one of the best experiences available on the headset, bringing many fans’ dreams to life. If Battlefront 1 had VR support then surely Battlefront 2 should too?

Space Ships And Speeder Bikes

A screenshot from ILMxLab's announcement video showing a speeder bike racing experience on the Oculus DK2.

A screenshot from ILMxLab’s announcement video showing a speeder bike racing experience on the Oculus DK2.

So, yes, we’ve already sat in an X-Wing, but there’s so many other Star Wars vehicles we need to pilot in VR. Sitting next to Chewie in the Millennium Falcon, or racing through the forests of Endor on the back of a Speeder Bike are VR experiences we practically insist on getting at some point in the near future, especially with space rival Star Trek already delivering an awesome cooperative piloting experience in Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

VR Tourism


We’ve already been to Tatooine in VR, but the Star Wars unvierse offers so many more exotic locales that we’re dying to explore in our headsets. We’d love to walk along the bustling streets of Coruscant, or feel the chill of Hoth for ourselves with the snow crunching beneath our feet. Imagine hanging out with the Ewoks in their trees up in the forest of Endor, or sneaking through a sand raider’s camp on Tatooine. We need to see more of the galaxy far, far away in VR.

More Than Just Lightsabers

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Sure, lightsabers might be Star Wars’ most iconic weaponry, but there are still plenty of other blasters and sharp pointy things we want to use in VR. Han Solo’s chunky blaster would be a good start, or Chewbaccas’s bow-caster. Then there are thermal detonators to be thrown and virbo-blades to be wielded. The galaxy has a big aresnal that we’re just waiting to get our hands on.

But Still… Lightsabers

Star Wars Trials on Tatooine

But, yeah, lightsabers. Again, we’ve already wielded one in Trials on Tatooine, but that was just a five minute experience in which you deflected blaster fire. We want to have full melee combat with a PlayStation Move, Vive wand, or Oculus Touch in hand. Holding a sword is one of VR’s most empowering experiences, but with the ultimate laser beam in hand we’d feel unstoppable. Maybe a few force powers wouldn’t hurt, either?

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