Unity announces their picks for the best VR experiences made with the engine

by Ian Hamilton • September 2nd, 2015

Unity named six of the best VR experiences made with the engine and voting is now open to select a winner. The best experience will be honored on Sept. 22 as part of the 2015 Unity Awards at the Unite developer conference in Boston. If you sign into a Unity account you can vote for your favorite here.

Along with the finalists in the Proto Awards, the six experiences selected by Unity represent a good list to keep an eye on as we approach the launch of consumer VR hardware. Cloudhead Games, for example, is one of the finalists and the developers there have already put together a compelling list of locomotion best practices for their game and Google decided another finalist, Tilt Brush, was so compelling it hired creators Patrick Hackett and Drew Skillman.

The 2015 awards are the 8th time Unity has awarded apps built with the engine but the first time there has been a category for VR. Check out trailers for the six finalists below:

Headmaster by Frame for Morphues

I Expect You To Die by Schell Games for Rift

Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives by Owlchemy Labs for Vive

Lucky’s Tale by Playful Corp for Rift

The Gallery: Six Elements by Cloudhead Games

Tilt Brush by Google

Unity is also hosting the Vision VR/AR Summit in Hollywood on Feb. 10 and 11 partnering with Oculus, Valve and Sony. The event will also see awards given for the best virtual and augmented reality experiences in a wider range of categories. Details on the competition are still forthcoming, but I reached out to Unity with some questions and the company is planning for the Vision awards to be open to all entries, not just those built with Unity.

The Proto Awards will be hosted by comedian Jonah Ray on Sept. 22 (same day as the Unity Awards) at an Oscars-like ceremony in Hollywood.  Both awards are being given the day before Oculus Connect kicks off.


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