7 Great Rift Exclusives We Want to Get Gear VR Spin-Offs

by Jamie Feltham • July 10th, 2016

Gear VR is in an interesting place right now. With Google Daydream looming and the install base of bigger, more capable VR headsets ever-growing, we’re not sure what the future holds for Oculus VR’s first real release. One way in which the platform could keep ahead of the curve, though, is by leveraging Oculus’ growing stable of exclusive games.

Gear to Rift could essentially be what the 3DS is to the Wii U, or PlayStation Vita is to PlayStation 4. It’s a chance for us to see spin-offs of our favorite franchises and explore their worlds in greater detail. With so many great exclusives under its belt already, the Rift has plenty it could share with its younger brother to give it a boost. These games don’t have to be out yet, they just need to show a spark that gives us hope for a mobile spin-off.


Chronos, from Gunfire Games

Gunfire Games actually helped develop Gear VR’s first two Herobound games, which are mechanically very similar to Chronos. We already know the game could work on the platform, then, and we’d love to tackle another, smaller labyrinth while we wait on a possible full sequel. It would be a great chance to try out some new experimental ideas and perhaps capitalize on the shorter play sessions that Gear VR affords.

Edge of Nowhere 6

Edge of Nowhere, from Insomniac Games

It’s not been long since we completed Victor Howard’s disturbing but brilliant descent into madness in Edge of Nowhere, but we’re already pining for more. With Gear VR, we’d love to see the story of one of the expedition crew members that Howard set out to save in a shorter adventure that takes the best bits of the full game and condenses them into a smaller, intense experience.


Lucky’s Tale, from Playful

With a world like the one found in Playful’s brilliant launch title there’s no end to what new sights you could discover. Gear VR seems like the perfect place to take Lucky out for another tale. This could serve as a test bed for ideas for a sequel and allow Playful to implement ideas that might not have made it into the first game. In fact the original game was once seen running on the platform, so we know that Playful has some interest in it.

damaged core featured image

Damaged Core, from High Voltage Software

Damaged Core isn’t out yet, but it already has a brilliant take on the VR FPS that doesn’t use position-tracked controllers. Instead, you hack drones and move from body to body, then use the Rift’s head-tracking to aim and shoot. That’s a mechanic that could be transferred directly to Gear VR and could go a long way to tackling some of the input issues the platform faces. This is one we’re really hoping finds a home on the platform one day.

Defense Grid 2

Defense Grid 2, from Hidden Path Entertainment

We were surprised at just how naturally Defense Grid 2 fit with the Rift. It’s easily VR’s best tower defense game so far, and we’d love to have a completely new entry into the series brought over to Gear VR. This is one of those full gaming experiences that wouldn’t need to make any compromises to fit on a mobile platform and could easily show people what can be done with Gear.

carrier assault image valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie, from CCP Games

Okay, it’s not technically a Rift exclusive, but it does have a close association with the platform. Anyway, an EVE: Valkyrie spin-off for Gear VR would quickly rise to become the premiere multiplayer experience for the platform. It could focus on shorter, sharper game modes with fewer players that capture those intense dogfights perfectly. The EVE universe might be making its way into mobile VR with Gunjack, but that doesn’t mean Valkyrie should miss out.

Feral Rights from Insomniac Games, for the Oculus Rift

Feral Rites, from Insomniac Games

While the rest of the year is filling up with Oculus Touch titles, Insomniac is reminding us that gamepad-based VR works too with Feral Rites. This is a bloody third-person brawler that promises to lay on the carnage. But if it’s coming to a gamepad-based system then we don’t see why it couldn’t come to Gear VR too. Maybe Insomniac could turn its attention towards the mobile platform in the future?

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