7 Superheroes We Want To Play As In Marvel Powers United VR

by Jamie Feltham • July 17th, 2017

Our inner comic book nerds had their prayers answered over the weekend, as Oculus and Disney announced Marvel Powers United VR for the Rift. For the first time ever we’re going to be able to suit up as our favorite Marvel heroes and do battle with iconic bad guys using spectacular powers.

Three heroes have already been announced for the four player co-op game. That would be the Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, and Captain Marvel. Between them, that’s shooting, smashing, and pew pew-ing pretty much sorted. But what other characters will we get to play as by the time the game comes out in 2018? Below, we’ve listed seven heroes that we think deserve a spot on the roster.


Chances are there won’t be any X-Men in Powers United; Marvel has largely benched its mutant misfits while Fox still owns movie rights. If we could pick just one X-Man to make the cut, though, it would have to be Wolverine. Welding Logan’s razor-sharp claws with Oculus Touch would be a viciously good time, allowing us to cut through androids and aliens without hesitation. His healing factor could play a role as a tank class, too.

The Vision

Vision might not be everyone’s favorite Avenger, but it’s hard to admit his powers aren’t ideally suited for VR. Laser beams that fire off in the direction you’re looking and a body that phases through solid material (just like our hands do in VR anyways) are two powers we could really get to grips with inside the Rift. Imagine pulling out the circuitry of a sentinel, for example.


Spidey already has his own VR experience tying into his most recent movie, but sadly it’s a bit of a waste of time even as a free download. We want a Spider-Man VR game that really lets us feel like Peter Parker, clambering up walls and hanging from ceilings. If not full web-swinging (we’re sick just thinking of that) then maybe we could web-zip around environments, just like quick step locomotion. Then we just have to web the baddies up and be on our way.

Captain America

It’s hard to believe the Rift has been out for over a year and we still haven’t been able to throw Cap’s shield into swarms of goons. Cap could play the defensive role on any team, taking the heat of the enemy’s attack but using his shield to keep others out of harm’s way. Every team needs a leader, and how better to follow into battle than Steve Rogers?

Iron Man

Iron Man might be the ultimate VR superhero; all he has to do is stretch out a palm and he can shoot out bursts of laser beams or soar off into the sky. Tony Stark’s futuristic UI is also perfect for a VR headset. Pulling the Rift over our eyes would basically just be like putting shell head’s helmet on.

Dr. Strange

The newest member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe also has a high potential for some incredible VR gameplay. Strange is able to summon portals for easy teleportation and use mystical realms to gain the upper hand on any opponent. Even if we don’t get to play as him, a trip through the Astral Plane is an absolute must during the game’s campaign.


If VR is all about scale, then who better to play as than Ant-Man? Scott Lang is the perfect candidate for stealth missions in which you sneak into enemy bases for an ambush, or climbing into armor and machinery to dismantle it. It might be too much of an ask, but can we get some Giant-Man in there too? I want to step on people.

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  • John Collins

    Ant man would be cool in VR. Hopefully we get more at ComicCon to see if it is a full experience with a story or if it is a jump in with friends and pick a location and fight. Games with Marvel are such a hit or miss and I am hoping it is something they are giving some time to insteadof just a money grab with VR that is just thrown out there.

    • Frogacuda

      I’m guessing it’ll be arcadey with a thread of plot, like Robo Recall. I imagine it being a bit like Rec Room’s Quests, with the four-player co-up survival courses, which could be very fun if they build in good social features and enough of a metagame (unlockables, etc) to keep people coming back.

  • Frogacuda

    The Vision would basically be NOCLIP mode.

    This game is already doing cool things with scale and Ant-Man fits in well with that.

    Gambit’s card-throwing would probably be really fun. For the requisite sword-slasher I nominate Blade.

  • polysix

    the bit in Spiderman VR where you pull the falling crane piece up is hardly a ‘waste of time’, that bit is AWESOME, one of the biggest pure hits of VR I’ve ever had. I felt completely there and in control at that point.

    Sure the rest is a bit ho-hum but it’s just a bit fun (and free). don’t listen to this guy download and try for yourself.

  • Mateo Fisher

    Is it just me, or is Nightcrawler a natural for VR? I already know how to teleport and most games require it. I’m imagining a game where you beat enemies by teleporting behind them and punching them in the back, and when you accidentally teleport into a wall or something solid you die.