9 session videos from Oculus Connect 2 released

by Ian Hamilton • November 4th, 2015

Now is your chance to catch up on some of the developer sessions from Oculus Connect 2. Nine sessions have been posted to Youtube and among them is a live coding session with Oculus CTO John Carmack. More are scheduled to be released next Wednesday.

The sessions are deep dives into technologies and apps on the Oculus platform. The videos join previously released Oculus keynotes from Oculus Connect 2 by co-founders Brendan Iribe and Palmer Luckey, chief scientist Michael Abrash and Carmack.

It’s unfortunate Oculus only currently supports Vimeo and Twitch with its Oculus Social app on Gear VR because watching these videos (embedded below) while immersed in VR and chatting with other enthusiasts would be a great way to watch the sessions. When asked on Reddit, an Oculus community manager said the teams responsible for Oculus Social are in discussions to see if they can somehow make the videos available in the app.

I was in the press room for a large portion of Oculus Connect 2 writing up posts like the one about Carmack’s hallway talk, so I missed many of the sessions myself. The Carmack coding session, the one with Lydia Choy and Brian Sharp diving into the making of creativity app Medium and the one about the evolution of the Rift hardware will be the first ones I’ll be watching.

Here are the videos:

People have wondered when Oculus Connect would take place in VR rather the real world, but with Oculus Social in the wild, the Rift launching early next year and John Carmack himself saying “I was just talking with the team about how we need a round-table room so I can go give VR lectures” — hosting an expensive real-world conference to give developers a way to share knowledge about building VR experiences might start seeming unnecessary sooner rather than later.

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