A Chair In A Room: Greenwater Gets PSVR Release Date This Month

by David Jagneaux • April 11th, 2019

Wolf & Wood have confirmed a launch date for A Chair in a Room: Greenwater on PSVR for later this month on April 23rd.

I first reviewed A Chair in a Room: Greenwater on the HTC Vive almost three years ago. Back then the HTC Vive was the only roomscale VR platform on the market since the Rift still didn’t have Touch controllers and only supported a single front-facing sensor and gamepad, like an abbreviated version of the PSVR. It was a very different time.

Since then I’ve gone back and replayed A Chair in a Room: Greenwater when it got expansions and a big overhaul and I can confidently say that it’s still just as good as I remember and is easily among the very best VR horror titles so far — yes, even three years later.

In A Chair in a Room: Greenwater you play as a patient that’s forced to relive traumatic memories in an attempt to piece together the past to discover why you’re being held at the Greenwater Institute. Each memory plays out like a level that takes place in a different location and is rich with interactivity and tense atmosphere.

Wolf & Wood then took everything they learned from creating A Chair in a Room: Greenwater and expanded that into an episodic VR series called The Exorcist: Legion VR that completely blew me away last year. It’s a must-play caliber VR experience that’s out now on PC VR, PSVR, and coming to Quest very soon. 

Now finally PSVR players can enjoy the spiritual predecessor to The Exorcist VR in just two short weeks. It will fully support both the DualShock 4 and PS Move controllers, but given the game’s focus on interaction it will likely be best experienced with PS Move.

When A Chair in a Room: Greenwater releases on PSVR later this month on April 23rd it will cost $24.99 and will have a launch week discount of 10% off for all PS Plus subscribers.

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