A Fisherman’s Tale Dev ‘Really Open’ To DLC If The Game Sells

by Jamie Feltham • January 23rd, 2019

A Fisherman’s Tale hit VR headsets yesterday. If you hadn’t heard, we really liked it. It’s a poetic bit of VR puzzling you have to see for yourself. Still, we did have one small criticism of the game: it’s really, really short. But that could change in the future.

In an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit yesterday, developer Innerspace said it was “really open” to the idea of A Fisherman’s Tale DLC. That is upon one condition; the game has to actually sell.

“We are really open to bring more content if the game is a success, we’d just need to find what makes the most sense gameplay and story wise,” the team’s Balthazar Auxietre wrote. He later reaffirmed that interest, adding: “we’d just need to come up with some cool new puzzle ideas!”

As for why the game is on the short side, Auxietre said: “We would love to make longer experiences but we’re a small team with limited means and preferred to focus on quality, originality and storytelling rather than trying to make a longer game for the sake of it.”

The studio’s John Norad also added that Innerspace felt it had “exhausted most of the interesting puzzles” with what was already in the game.

We’d certainly welcome more content for the game, though we’d just as happily see what Innerspace is working on next. Despite its length, A Fisherman’s Tale did feel like it had said all it had to say in terms of story. But that’s not to say we couldn’t see more challenging puzzles and the like.

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