The community was born out of a meetup group in San Francisco in June 2014. Taylor Freeman heard about Oculus being acquired by Facebook and, as a lover of technology and art, was determined to experience the DK1. The first meetup had only 60 people and six demos ranging from DK1s to early NASA hardware and was held in Taylor’s previous office, Magnus Labs. Although the event was free form and casual, the energy in the space made it clear that it was the start of something incredible. Over the next six months Taylor met Will Mason and the team produced over 20 events ranging from small meetups to AWE, a 3,000 person, 3-day conference they co-produced with in June 2015.

During this time, Will began writing about things they were seeing in the VR space as they traveled to different conferences and events around the US like CES, Sundance, SXSW, and more. They started writing more and more as a way to keep everyone updated and inspired around the progress of the industry. This hard work and passion for the technology led them to Shanda Group who would lead their seed round of $1.25 million in November 2015. The rest has yet to be written and they intend to use the money to make the biggest impact they possibly can. 

UploadVR was incorporated in May 2015 with a simple mission, to accelerate the growth of the consumer VR industry and use immersive technology to make a positive global impact.

At UploadVR, we believe that virtual reality and augmented reality are going to bring data into three dimensions, unlocking the next platform of computing. Through conferences, events, community, daily news coverage, talent placement, corporate connections, content creation, and more, we do everything in our power to grow the industry and move toward a path of positive impact. We are always interested in learning about new opportunities and leveraging our position to help those in need. We look forward to building the future with you all!