AltSpaceVR Hosting ‘Holograms Against Humanity’ Party For Outrageous, Virtual Fun

by Joe Durbin • August 25th, 2016

If I were to ask you who will star in the next big superhero movie, what would you say? If your answer is: “Ryan Lochte’s Rio muggers” — with the power to disappear completely and destroy the careers of Olympic swimmers — then you just might be ready for a round of Cards Against Humanity.


Cards Against Humanity is essentially the NC-17 version of Apple’s to Apples. Both games involve matching a topic card (The best pizza topping is ____) to a response card (Steve Buscemi’s beautiful but reptilian eyes.) Players take turns judging these madcap juxtapositions before picking the combination that they think is most deserving of winning the round. Play continues until one player earns a certain amount of points, or your soul withers too much to continue the game.

Tonight, the virtual reality socialization experience, AltspaceVR, will be hosting a special event inside of the digital world. According to a Reddit posting made by the company’s Community Manager, Lisa, starting tonight at 7PM PDT AltspaceVR users can congregate in VR for an innovative take on Cards that is being dubbed as Holograms Against Humanity.

According to the post from AltSpace, “[Holograms Against Humanity is] our VR version of Cards Against Humanity. You can now create a hosted activity in AltspaceVR and select Holograms Against Humanity, and create a private activity for just your friends in VR, or a public activity to meet new people.”

The inaugural round of this new game will be played out in front of a live audience by company staffers and a collection of eight AltspaceVR “regulars.”

After the ceremonial first match the attendees themselves will have the chance to try out the new experience for themselves and hopefully make some new friends along the way. Reading sentences like the one below out loud have a habit of bringing folks together.


If you have a Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift you can sign up to join the fun here! While not nearly as fun, AltSpaceVR does support standard non-VR desktops as well.

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