Amazon Starts Oculus Touch Pre-Orders, Lists Possible Price And Release Date

by Jamie Feltham • October 6th, 2016

We’ll probably know just how much Oculus Touch costs and when it ships later on today, but Amazon UK might have spilled the beans early.

The online retailing giant has listed the anticipated position tracked controllers for the Oculus Rift on its site just ahead of the Oculus Connect 3 keynote. You can pre-order it now for £189.99, and it’s apparently shipping on November 23rd.


That price is consistent with an earlier listing from another major UK retailer, Game. It works out to about $241. Oculus Rift costs £549 in the UK, which works out to around $698 in the US. The Rift is actually sold at $599 in the US, suggesting Touch could hit a price closer to $200 when sold in the US. Keep in mind that the UK retailers list products with 20% value-added tax (VAT) included, so the listing’s actual price is around £152, which works out to around $193.

It’s the first time we’ve heard this release date, however, and would mean we have around a month and a half until the controllers get here. Previously, German retail partner MediaMarkt listed the controllers for launch on November 21st.

True or not, we’ll know for sure when the OC3 keynote gets underway at 10:00 am PT.

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What's your reaction?
  • Stephen Jones

    Thanks for the pre-order tip, order placed 🙂

  • Navin Bhandari

    i could not find it on amazon website?

  • can you actually preorder this now and be guaranteed delivery on launch? I can add it to my basket but wont amazon just cancel any orders until after the official announcement?

    • Stephen Jones

      Mine went through fine, no cancellation as yet.

  • NullReference

    Will there also be a complete package that includes a Rift, two cameras and two controllers (perhaps with a few quid knocked off)?

    • Doctor Bambi

      That’s what I’ve been looking for. Haven’t seen it yet, and was hoping it would be officially confirmed at the keynote. Still one more day of OC3 so we could still get some info on such a thing.

  • Bill Susman

    Platform: Android?

    • random_name

      Maybe I’m missunderstanding what you’re saying, but the Oculus Rift and Vive work (currently) exclusively on the PC. The controllers in this article are for the Oculus Rift.

      • PuckStar32

        Look closely at the screenshot of Amazon and you’ll understand his comment.

  • Paulo

    If you preordered the rift and are in line for touch its likely you will see them before any retail date.

    • Soup000

      Exactly, just like people who pre-ordered the rift got theirs before retail…

      • Skenzin

        ^This man knows the time.

      • Paulo

        Cant tell if you’re being sarcastic but I did receive mine before retail. The issue with other rifts were contracts that were in place which had to be fulfilled. The slow trickle of preorder rifts were because of the component shortage.

        We have been reassured this time around that we’re good. Anyhow, only 3 hours until we find out.