AMD Claims 83% Of The VR Market, Announces New GPU For Devs

by Joe Durbin • March 14th, 2016

At an off-site GDC press conference, chip maker AMD claimed to have garnered “83 percent of the market share” for VR-ready machines, anchored by the company’s presence on the PlayStation 4.

AMD also pulled back the curtain on a new – very high end – graphics card: the Radeon Pro Duo. This card currently has a suggested price of around $1,500 and it is being specifically positioned for VR developers. According to company’s press release:

“Radeon Pro Duo has 16 teraflops of compute performance, establishing the VR Creator tier, and guaranteeing the highest level VR experience for developers who love to game.”

AMD also announced a partnership with Crytek and its VR First initiative, equipping universities around the globe “as the exclusive GPU technology partner” of the effort.

AMD is one of two companies making graphics chips recommended in PCs compatible with the Rift and Vive – the other being NVIDA.

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