Angry Birds Might Be Coming To Location-Based VR

by Jamie Feltham • November 8th, 2018

It looks like location-based VR company Hologate is teasing a new Angry Birds installation.

The company this week took to Facebook to post a teaser image (above) for an announcement due at IAAPA 2018 next week. It shows a bird egg cracking with a VR headset fitted on top and a red feather protruding from the side. Most tellingly, though, you can see mention of original Angry Birds creator, Rovio, in the bottom right of the picture.

“The tension is building and soon we’ll be able to share more,” the company wrote on the post. “We know it’ll be a hit!”

All signs suggest that this will be a new location-based Angry Birds VR game, then. The series just made its move into AR with a Magic Leap One title developed by Resolution Games and, a few years back, there was evidence of a Gear VR-based game too, though it never materialized.

Hologate, meanwhile, has an elaborate four-player VR set up that gives each player their own space to walk around in. We went hands-on with the system and a four-player Beat Saber clone named Holobeat at Gamescom this year.

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