Anyone’s Diary Is A New PSVR Platformer Tackling Mental Health

by Jamie Feltham • January 15th, 2019

There’s a new PSVR platformer on the way, but Anyone’s Diary looks very different to Astro Bot and Moss.

Set to release later this month, Anyone’s Diary is developed by Spanish studio World Domination Project. It was born out of PlayStation’s game development camp, much like upcoming PSVR stealth game, Echoes. Check it out in the trailer below.

In the game, you control an avatar that represents, as the name suggests, anyone. You work your way through the day, dealing with supernatural issues that take the place of fears and anxieties we all experience. Judging by the trailer, that includes encounters with your boss and more. It escalates into a battle with your demons, that take on a very literal form in the world around you.

You play with the PlayStation Move controllers and solve puzzles like rearranging obstacles in order to progress. We’re particular fans of the game’s sketchy art style. It was nominated for Best Art, Best Game for the Press and Best Use of Platforms at the 2017 PlayStation Talent awards.

This looks like it could be an interesting psychological game. VR has tried to tackle difficult issues such as these in the past with games like Anamorphine, though it’s yet to really get it right. Anyone’s Diary, with its template art style and unique puzzles, looks like it could have something to say.

Look for the game to launch on the Spanish PlayStation Store on 31st January. World Domination Project has set the price at €12.99. We don’t know if it’ll be coming to other regions too at this point but we’ll keep an eye out.

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