Arca’s Path Kicks Off Dev Diary Series Ahead Of Launch

by Jamie Feltham • November 8th, 2018

Want to know more about VR marble maze, Arca’s Path? Look no further than this new developer diary.

Members of developer Dream Reality Interactive are on hand to introduce you to the world of its first commercial VR game, in which you steer a ball through increasingly tricky levels using VR’s head-tracking functionality. The game doesn’t require a controller of any sort to play, you simply need to sit back, relax and enjoy the obstacle course ahead of you.

We’re looking forward to Arca’s Path; it seems well-positioned to be the type of game you show family members in your new VR headset this Christmas. Look for the game to launch on pretty much every headset under the sun (that’s Rift, Vive, PSVR, Windows VR, Go and Gear) on December 4th.

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