Archangel: Hellfire Livestream – Multiplayer VR Mech Combat

by David Jagneaux • May 25th, 2018

One of the dream VR games that thousands, or perhaps even millions, of people desperately want is a deep, intricate mech combat simulation. After years of pop culture building up the idea in our heads through things like MechWarrior, Gundam, Power Rangers, Pacific Rim, and so much more, the idea of piloting a super-powerful mech is just too tantalizing to not yearn for. I don’t know if Archangel: Hellfire has what it takes to shoulder decades of sci-fi dreaming, but it’s a step in the right direction.

After the mixed reception Archangel’s single-player content received we weren’t holding out breath for the multiplayer iteration, but luckily it caught us by surprise. Hellfire is everything we wanted from a hectic multiplayer VR mech combat game with three different mech types, over a dozen weapons, and super intense 2v2 deathmatches.

Here’s our hands-on preview of the mode, which went live today, for more.

We’ll be livestreaming Archangel: Hellfire on PC using Rift with Touch starting very soon (which means we’ll start at approximately 1:15PM PT) and aim to last for about an hour or so. We’re going to use Restream to hit both YouTube and Twitch at the same time!

You can see our archived streams all in  this one handy Livestream playlist over on the official UploadVR YouTube channel (which you should totally subscribe to by the way). We’re also rebooting our Twitch channel too.

Let us know which games you want us to livestream next and if you want to see more Archangel: Hellfire or other mech games in the future. Comment with any feedback down below!

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