You Could Win Up To $2,000 In The Archangel: Hellfire Open Tournament

by David Jagneaux • August 2nd, 2018

Strap into your cockpit and buckle up: the first Open Tournament for Archangel: Hellfire is officially underway. As of July 31st and through tomorrow, August 3rd, pre-qualification matches are happening for Archangel: Hellfire online.

All you have to do to qualify for the actual tournament this weekend (8/4 – 8/5) is be really good at the game, basically. The top 16 players (based on their win/loss ratio and kill-death-assist ratio) will be selected for official tournament matches. All matches will be single elimination style 2v2 team deathmatch, which is the game’s core PvP game mode. The rules also specify “anyone may be your wingman, excluding players already qualified for this Tournament.”

Winning teams of this and all other Open Tournaments will receive $500 cash, a Bomber Jacket, and a Mech Trophy.

Each of the next three weekends will have Open Tournaments like this one (8/4 – 8/5, 8/11-8/12, and 8/16-8/17) that you can enter in to play. Entry is free, you just need to qualify, and the PvP portion of the game itself is free to download and play (Oculus or Steam) for a chance at the prizes.

Then once those three tournaments are in the books, there will be a Mech Ascent Championship final tournament for the top 4 performers from each tournament. In this round the winning team will receive $2,000 cash, 2 Bomber Jackets, and a Mech Trophy.

For more details you can visit the tournament info page here, find the game on Steam and Oculus Home, and read our full review for more details. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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