Are we approaching a ‘sexual singularity’?

by Will Mason • February 9th, 2015

Inevitably, whenever you talk to someone about VR long enough there is one touchy subject that comes up, sex. Virtual reality sex is something that will very likely be a part of the future of the technology, just as porn was a major part of the internet’s growth. For most people, sex in a completely virtual world is not a normalized experience, and is one that will take some serious getting used to. But Brian Shuster of the Red Light Center thinks the paradigm shift is coming.

In a report from CNN released today, Laurie Segall sat down with Shuster to discuss the future of VR sexual relationships. Shuster spoke during the interview about the idea that we are approaching what he defines as a “sexual singularity.” He explains, “this is when people will prefer to have a digital relationship or a digital sexuality to real world sexuality.” The concept is quite a wild one, and would require a massive shift in the way that we view our relationships, and seems to be a bit of stretch to say the least.


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