E3 2019: Arizona Sunshine Is Coming To Oculus Quest, DLC Trailer Revealed

by Jamie Feltham • June 10th, 2019

Here’s another one to check off the list of dream Quest ports. Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine is on its way to Oculus’ standalone headset.

The much-requested port was announced during our E3 VR Showcase today. Vertigo promises this will offer the full Arizona Sunshine on a standalone VR headset. We’ve got the slightest glimpse at the game below.

First released in 2016, Arizona Sunshine is a first-person zombie shooter. The game features a full campaign that can be played either in single-player or co-op, letting you gun down scores of zombified enemies in the scorching Arizona heat. There’s also an extensive wave-based survival mode for up to four players.

Look for the Quest version of Arizona Sunshine to launch later this year. But that’s not all Vertigo is revealing on the Arizona Sunshine front today. We also have a first look at The Damned, an upcoming DLC mission for the game. Vertigo says this will be Arizona’s largest level yet, set in an enormous dam that players will need to fight their way through. The DLC drops on August 27 on existing platforms like Rift, Vive and PSVR. No word yet on how Vertigo will handle DLC for Arizona on Quest.

Finally, there’s a little news from the Skyworld camp. Vertigo’s recent spin-off, Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl, is getting a healthy dose of DLC soon!

Need more? Well we’ve also got your first look at After The Fall, Vertigo’s next big VR title. It’s a hugely promising four-player shooter coming to headsets next year. It’s a busy time for Vertigo Games, then.

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