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Arizona Sunshine’s Dead Man DLC Review: A Thrilling Prequel Story

by David Jagneaux • August 14th, 2018
Platforms: Vive (reviewed,) Rift, Windows VR, and PSVR

- Extremely well-made just like the base game
- Great pacing and storytelling
- Fun new weapons
- Price so low it's basically free


- Only about an hour of content
- Doesn't really add too much

If you want the short and sweet rundown on whether or not you should buy Arizona Sunshine’s Dead Man DLC, the answer is simple: if you liked the original game, then yes. It’s really that easy.

This package will only set you back a measly 10 quarters for just $2.49 and packs a solid hour of brand new narrative campaign content, new weapons, new environments, and can even be played in co-op multiplayer with a buddy. Not sure what else you’d want for that value.

Arizona Sunshine is still the very best zombie shooter we’ve seen in VR yet and it came out almost two years ago. Either that means Vertigo Games was ahead of its time when it first released or the market is struggling to meet expected standards (probably a bit of both) but either way it’s a quality time. Between the excellently paced campaign (with full co-op) and addictive horde mode (that got free updates post launch) it’s a feature-rich game. And on PSVR you can even play it with full PS Aim support as well.

In a perfect world I’d love to have dropped $10 on a big DLC update that has lots of levels and a new horde map or two, but it’s hard to complain about this package.

The mission itself is a brief (and I mean brief — like an hour long total, tops) prequel that shows a military-perspective on the zombie outbreak. There aren’t really many twists or turns at all to speak of in this jaunt through blood and corpses, but the new guns are nice.

There’s a fully-automatic submachine gun, two-handed shotgun, and a tactical handgun to find during the mission. You start out above ground exploring an overrun military compound and then eventually find your way underground where things start to get extra dark and dicey. Keep that flashlight handy.

Honestly, Dead Man is more of the same. That’s great for fans of the game, but it also makes me wonder why it took so long to release such a tiny DLC pack. Obviously they worked on new Horde content post-launch, but even still. After Skyworld wasn’t received as well hopefully this just means they’re getting us ready for an Arizona Sunshine sequel announcement sooner rather than later.

Final Score: 8.5/10 – Great

Arizona Sunshine is still, almost two years after its launch, the best zombie-focused shooter we’ve seen in VR yet. While the Dead Man DLC doesn’t dramatically expand on the existing framework, it does offer a brief (and affordably priced) prequel story that’s worth experiencing for all existing fans of Vertigo Games and Arizona Sunshine. This is mostly more of the same, but it’s some of the best zombie shooting you’ll find in VR regardless of platform.

Arizona Sunshine’s Dead Man DLC releases today on PSVR and is already available on PC VR headsets such as the Rift, Vive, and Windows VR. Dead Man costs $2.49 on all platforms. Check out these official review guidelines to find out more about our process. 

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