This ARKit App Can Help You Park Your Car

by Jamie Feltham • September 13th, 2017

We’ve all been there; circling around a busy city center, desperately trying to find a place to park on a busy Saturday afternoon. You might feel like you’re destined to forever drive up and down the same stretch of road, but Apple’s ARKit can put a stop to these trying times.

Fybr is a company that collects real-time data using various sensors. By pairing ARKit with tech that it’s got built into city roads, the company created a useful new app that alerts you to free parking spaces, ending the long searches we all dread.

The company’s app is able to detect when spaces are free or occupied and then point them out in the real world through an iPhone screen. Within a car park itself that may not seem too useful; you’re able to spot empty spaces yourself. Instead, imagine being at an intersection and the app informing you that there are no spaces straight ahead, but you’ll find a few if you take a left. Pretty great, right?

In all honesty this is one of those ARKit apps that will be more helpful once the technology and its Android counterpart, ARCore, are integrated into headsets. All the same, this is yet another great use of AR.

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