This ARKit App Locates Items In A Supermarket For You

by Jamie Feltham • August 8th, 2017

How many times have you found yourself zig zagging around a gigantic supermarket looking for that one specific brand of peanut butter that just doesn’t seem to be anywhere? What if AR could bring an end to those days?

This new ARKit app from AR designer Bruce Vang shows you exactly how the tech could do just that. Using an iPhone, shoppers are directed towards the item they’re looking for, right down to its location of a shelf. Not only that but the user is able to load up their own shopping list, so the app could seamlessly transition from one item to the next. Arrange the list by proximity and you could drastically cut down on the time it takes to fill your basket. Supermarkets are all about convenience and I can’t imagine an easier way to complete your weekly shop. AR to the rescue yet again.

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