Astro Bot, Firewall, Tetris, And More Headline VR Game Awards Nominees

by David Jagneaux • November 14th, 2018

The Game Awards announced their official nominees for all categories in the 2018 ceremony next month, including an assortment of five different titles for Best VR/AR Game. The nominees in this category are Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Beat Saber, Firewall: Zero Hour, Tetris Effect, and Moss. Without question they’re all great games so it’s really quite the toss-up.

Also worth noting is that Moss from Polyarc Games is nominated in the “Best Debut Indie Game” category as well alongside popular non-VR gems like Donut County, The Messenger, and Florence, which is great recognition for VR gaming as a whole.

Once again all of the nominees in this year’s Game Awards are either PSVR-exclusive titles (like Astro Bot, Firewall, and Tetris Effect) or are multiplatform and appearing on PSVR as well (Moss was a timed exclusive and Beat Saber will hit PSVR this month) but that’s to be expected given Sony’s market share.

You can cast your vote for Best VR/AR Game, Best Debut Indie Game, overall Game of the Year, and more in The Game Awards over on the official website. Let us know your picks on Twitter and Facebook!

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