At Least 20 Exclusive Titles Coming To Oculus Rift

by Joe Durbin • January 6th, 2016

CES 2016 has been a juggernaut news week for Oculus Rift. Between the pre-order going live, the price of the system being announced, and the induction of new hardware into the lineup, the young company is leading tech news during this high-profile week for the industry.

More big talk of the day surrounded the list of exclusive titles coming to the Oculus Rift. An Oculus press release and blog post said we can expect more than 20 exclusive experiences this year.

Oculus Exclusive

The Climb

UploadVR asked Oculus Head of Studios Jason Rubin what these “additional titles” are, and what Oculus’ overall content strategy will be during launch year.

“A lot [of the exclusives] we haven’t announced yet. That will happen shortly. In 2016 you’ll see a number of exclusive titles come to the Rift from my team … Dozens will be available at launch, with well over 100 by the time the year is out. And these will be significant high-quality titles, not short roller coaster sims … I’m talking about games that people are packaging up and selling as completed processes. Completed packages,” Rubin said.

Rockband VR

Rockband VR

Despite Rubin’s confidence in his team’s ability to deliver full experiences, he was also quick to caution that the most recent dev kits were only just released in January 2015. A 12-15 month development cycle is relatively small in terms of game creation and Rubin wants to be sure early adopters don’t expect too much, too soon from the Oculus offerings.

“As big a game or experience as you have seen you will see equally long and large titles come to VR. Immersion leads you to want to create large worlds … those are coming. And in the meantime you will get experimentation and, a little shorter, but still full experiences,” Rubin said.

So far, the Oculus exclusives include: Lucky’s Tale, Edge of Nowhere, The Climb, Rockband VR, Chronos, and VR Sports Challenge.

Rubin said there are numerous other titles that have not been announced, demoed, or revealed in any way. We will update you as soon as we learn about them.

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