Atomic VR shows off an untethered ‘Fruit Ninja’ experience on the HTC Vive

by Will Mason • September 3rd, 2015

Room scale VR is fantastic, tripping over the cords – not so much. That is the problem that Atomic VR wanted to solve


Atomic VR creates fully immersive, custom virtual reality software and hardware solutions for the gaming industry, and beyond. At PAX Prime 2015, we are exploring full motion gaming in VR, and a very active experience for the user, using the HTC Vive. Where Wii and Kinect started, Atomic VR has now developed true 1:1 motion control, where every aspect of the gamer’s available senses (currently sight, sound, and immersive motion) are controllable naturally, by what a user would instinctively desire to do in such an environment. Our game this year is entitled, Ninja Trainer – Fruitilicious PAX Edition! It’s great fun, and will be released with more ninja related activities at consumer launch of Vive, and Oculus. We are also developing a fully untethered, wearable VR experience, and have a surprise in store for all who are there today, August 30th, at 3PM at booth #6003. Additionally, we would love to collaborate and partner with wearable hardware manufacturers to make this unprecedented product, even better.”

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