Watch Baobab’s Asteroids! Now On Any Platform

by Ian Hamilton • December 14th, 2017

Baobab Studios’ second VR creation, Asteroids!, is now available across all platforms.

The company’s debut project (Invasion!) brought visitors to an ice-covered lake where a cute little bunny encountered some bumbling aliens. This follow up episode takes visitors inside the alien ship for a more intimate look at these creatures as they deal with various problems in outer space. The project includes the voice work of Elizabeth Banks, who directed Pitch Perfect 2 and played Effie in the Hunger Games films.

The 7-minute 360-degree video version of the experience can be seen right here but there are links to a longer interactive version you can download below.

You can also check out Asteroids! here:

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  • Jim P

    I thought they where suppose to make a full length movie?

  • drd7of14

    Available on “Any” Platform?

    • Wyrd

      Seem to be some pretty notable platforms missing from that “Any” list, yeah….