Barack Obama to be first U.S. President in virtual reality

by Will Mason • July 30th, 2015

Barack Obama just signed an executive order commissioning the world’s fastest supercomputer, one that is currently 30 times faster than anything currently available in the world (as far as we know); but that wasn’t the only tech-forward event from the President’s week, he also made the first Presidential appearance in VR.

During the President’s trip to Kenya, he gave a moving speech about his personal relationship with Kenya, a nation which still considers him a lost son. It was the first time a sitting U.S. President had ever visited Kenya and a moment that was perfect for capture within the new medium. Filmed in partnership with the The Nantucket Project and Azimyth Creation Studio, the speech marks what is likely the first of many important Presidential moments captured for VR.

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“Experiencing the President’s speech in a fully immersive environment connects the public to historic moments in a way we’ve never known before,” said Stephanie Riggs, Founder of Azimyth Creation Studio. “Virtual reality has the potential to expand news coverage in a transformative way.“

Capturing Obama’s speech in VR was only part of a larger project the two companies are working on for The Harbers Storytelling Project – a film series marrying the most important events of our time with groundbreaking techniques for telling them. “The project’s overarching goal is to reorient the viewer’s perspective on Africa in a radical way.” says co-director Daniel Honan.



There is no word yet when the public will be able to see the project for themselves but we will be sure to follow the story as it develops.


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