BattlegroupVR Is A VR Space Strategy Game Played In First-Person

by Jamie Feltham • July 24th, 2018

Were you hoping Star Trek: Bridge Crew’s strategic missions were a bit, well more strategic? Well then BattlegroupVR may be for you.

Battlegroup is an in-depth space strategy game in which you play as the commander that orders their fleet from the comfort of a capital ship. In the game, you’ll need to hire and then train captains to lead vessels into battle, which you’ll watch unfold in real-time via a holographic interface. You’ll use motion controls to issue commands like movement and attack orders.

Impressively, you’ll also be able to see your ships moving outside of your ship. Huge space battles unfold right before your eyes, and it’s not long before things descend into anarchy. The ship models in particular are strikingly detailed. If you lose ships, there’s a high likelihood that their captain will go with them.¬†Each captain will have individual skills, so it’s a good idea to keep them alive. Ships, meanwhile, can also be upgraded with unique weapons and more.

If you’re interested in the game then the developer is currently keeping a Devlog series running on its official website, where you can also sign up to a newsletter.

It’s early days for the game right now, having only been revealed earlier in July, but it’s still looking promising. No release date yet, but the game is set to arrive on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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