BBC Reveals Two New VR Experiences Celebrating The RAF And Suffragettes

by Jamie Feltham • July 10th, 2018

So far UK broadcasting group the BBC has delivered some of the most powerful VR experiences yet seen in headsets. From the fantastic underwater exploration of Life in VR to the storybook novelty of The Turning Forest, the organization has produced content that truly capitalizes on the format. Good news, then; it’s got more of that on the way.

The BBC today announced two new VR experiences set to release later this year. One, Make Noise, celebrates the centennial of the suffragette’s movement in which women campaigned to win the right to vote while the other, 1943: Berlin Blitz, does the same for the UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF).

Make Noise is a vibrant-looking piece that will employ the use of the viewer’s voice. Inspired by leading suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst’s call for people to “make more noise”, viewers will hum, sing and shout along to the experience, changing the world around them in the process. The journey will take you through various stages of the suffragette movement, narrated by actor Nikki Amuka-Bird. It features archive material from the BBC including the voices of real-life suffragettes. It’s developed by the BBC’s new VR Hub with the help of Anagram.

Berlin Blitz, meanwhile, recognizes the work of the RAF by recreating a bombing run over Berlin that was attended by BBC journalist Wynford Vaughan-Thomas on September 4th 1943. You’ll find yourself in the Lancaster bomber, the most successful heavy bomber used by the RAF in the Second World War. This piece was created by BBC Northern Ireland and Immersive VR Education and will be on display at the RAF’s International Royal Air Tattoo in Fairford from July 13th – 15th.

Look out for these experiences to release on a VR headset near you later this year.

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