Beat Saber DLC: Dev ‘Needs More Time But We’re Working On It’

by Jamie Feltham • January 22nd, 2019

The saga of the first Beat Saber DLC installment continues. Developer Beat Games provided the briefest of updates on the pack this week.

In short, it’s looking like the pack will take a little longer than expected. The studio noted on Twitter that it needed “some more time to work on it before it’s ready for release. It’s not that easy as we thought, but we’re working on it.”

Just under two weeks ago the developer said the DLC was coming soon. At the time, the studio cited issues with bringing the songs to PSVR as one reason for the delay. It’s not clear if that issue is still behind the holdup or there’s something else. Either way, Beat Games asked players to stay tuned for updates on the Beat Saber DLC.

This DLC will be the first of three planned premium packs. Each will include ten new songs of a particular theme. Beat Games says they’ll cost around $9.99 each. Beyond that, the team is also planning to add more free songs to the game. It’s also working on extras for the PC version, including a custom track maker and multiplayer.

Beat Saber is available now in Early Access on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR. The full PSVR version launched last year and is already one of the headset’s most popular games.

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