Beat Saber Expert Plus PSVR Coming This Week ‘Probably’, Looks Insane

by Jamie Feltham • January 29th, 2019

Beat Saber Expert Plus PSVR support is landing this week (probably), and it looks insane.

Expert Plus is the game’s hardest difficulty yet. PC players have been enjoying the mode since last year but it’s taken some time to get it over to PSVR. No doubt the difference in tracking systems between PC VR and PSVR has given developer Beat Games some tweaks to make.

In a recent tweet, though, Beat Games showed off Saber master Ruirize taking it head-on. It frankly looks insane; Move controllers are thrown around so quickly we’re surprised he doesn’t take off. From what we can see it looks like everything is holding up pretty well. We’ll need to get our hands on it to deliver a final verdict, though.

As the tweet notes, Expert Plus will ‘probably’ hit VR this week. Expect it to be a free update for existing players and it should work with every song. We’ll stick to Normal mode, thanks. Not even Darth Maul could handle this.

And, no, there’s no news yet on when Beat Saber’s first DLC will hit. Beat Games assures fans it’s working as hard possible on the first of three track packs, which will add ten songs, but we don’t have a date yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we do.

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