Beat Saber Finally Launches On PSVR For $29.99

by Jamie Feltham • November 20th, 2018

The day is finally here! Beat Games’ Beat Saber is finally available on PSVR, and that means we now know the price.

The game costs $29.99 on the US PS Store and ¬£24.99 on the UK one. There’s no retail version of the game so that’s the final price. It’s $10 more than the $19.99 price for the Early Access version on PC but, right now, the PSVR edition has more content including an exclusive campaign and five new songs. The PC version may well raise its price once it leaves Early Access, though.

Still, it doesn’t seem to be deterring many people. At the time of writing, the UK version of the game has had 40 user-reviews from paying customers on the PS Store after being up for a few hours. Amazingly, that’s already more than another big PSVR release this month, From Software’s Deracine.

Personally, we think it’s absolutely worth the price. We called Beat Saber’s PSVR version ‘exquisite’ in our review. “The new tracks are almost all excellent, the campaign mode is a great addition, and it overall feels like a complete game now,” Games Editor David Jagneaux wrote. “If the track list were just a bit longer (16 songs is pretty small) with the long-discussed multiplayer support already in, then it’d only be even better.”

Enough talk, get to beat slicin’.

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