Beat Saber PC Update Adds Expert+ Mode And Lots More

by Ian Hamilton • November 27th, 2018

PC VR headset owners have a few new reasons to pick up the rhythm slashing game Beat Saber with the 0.12.0 update today.

The highly anticipated update is likely to break custom songs and we have yet to test whether they can be reinstalled, so proceed with the update with caution if modding the game and adding custom songs is important to you.

The update adds an Expert+ difficulty in standard mode for the included songs as well as new sabers and “New modifiers to spice the gameplay and to add multiplier to your final score.”  The update also includes a practice mode that lets you “start at any time of the song and also set it’s speed.”

Those are the main changes, but the update also includes “New in-game UI for song progress, relative score, immediate rank and Full Combo indicator” as well as optimizations and performance updates.

While this update is specifically for the PC version of Beat Saber, we’ll also note this isn’t the only news related to the game today. We learned today also that PlayStation VR version of Beat Saber will be bundled alongside Borderlands 2 VR in December. While the PSVR version of the game won’t have custom songs, it did launch with additional music and regular new content packs are promised for the title.

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