Beat Saber Grants ‘Christmas Gifts’ Coming To All Platforms With New Song (Update)

by Jamie Feltham • December 14th, 2018

Update: A brand new song called One Hope by Knower is available starting today across all platforms!

Original: Planning on catch up with some missed VR games over the Christmas break? Bad news; there’s more Beat Saber to play instead.

Beat Games yesterday teased that it has some ‘Christmas gifts’ on the way to the ever-popular rhythm action game, which will arrive ‘earlier than you might think’. No word on exactly what these gifts are but the studio does say they’ll be available on all platforms, and not just debuting on PSVR or PC VR.

The smart money is on these being some new tracks to dig into, perhaps with a festive theme. No doubt a lot of VR fans are going to be showing relatives Beat Saber this Christmas so it’s a good opportunity to give them a reason to dive back in.

Given that these features are coming to all platforms you can probably rule out long awaited PC-exclusive features like the track editor and multiplayer support. Those are still coming but we wouldn’t expect them until sometime in 2019 at this point. We also wouldn’t expect any surprise ports to Oculus Go or other platforms.

Whatever it is we’d guess the news will be revealed in a matter of days.

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