Beat Saber’s Multiplayer Is 85% Finished, Releasing After PSVR Port

by David Jagneaux • September 20th, 2018

Beat Games Studio, the studio behind smash-hit VR rhythm game, Beat Saber, are nearly done developing the game’s highly anticipated multiplayer mode. In a tweet today, the official Twitter account explained that “85% of Multiplayer is complete” and the only things remaining are things like a tournament client, avatar support, and custom level support.

In follow-up tweets, the developer explains that the majority of development focus has shifted to PSVR for the time being, as explained previously, so that the port can be finalized and released. After that point, they intend to focus solely on multiplayer until it’s done which should happen “quickly after it has our full focus.”

Beat Saber recently announced arcade cabinet installations are being deployed in Asian markets and the modding community continues to deliver quality custom songs that have kept the game alive far beyond the initial 10-song (now 11) Early Access release.

Let us know what you think of the news! Are you ready to face-off head-to-head in Beat Saber once multiplayer releases later this year? Let us know down in the comments below!

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