Beat This Game And You Could Win A Free Vive

by Joe Durbin • February 29th, 2016

Are you Vive ready? I’m not talking about CPUs or graphics cards. I’m talking about whether or not you have the grit, the determination, and the shoulder strength to prove you’re worthy of taking home a free headset. This is the question that HTC is posting to the world by launching its “Are You Vive Ready?” competition.

The contest consists of two phases: a game phase and an entrance phase. In order to make it to the entrance phase – which looks to essentially be a random drawing – you first will have to prove your worth by conquering the mobile game.

The first step to playing the game is to visit the desktop site. That site will then prompt you to visit another web page on your smartphone and enter a provided code to sync the two screens.


Once this is done you will then be challenged to overcome four levels; each using your smartphone, and more importantly its gyroscope, as the controller.

Level 1

level 1

Level 1 is all about speed. You’ll need to swing your phone with precision to slice the pizzas that are being thrown at you in time to stop them from careening into your face. It might sound odd but I have the picture to prove it.


Level 2

level 2

Level 2 is just as odd as its predecessor. For this one you’ll need to hold your phone either in front of you, to your left or to your right to keep the camera locked on a certain track of the underground train tunnel you find yourself in. Trains will come and leave only one track free, so make sure you’re on the right one or you’ll get clobbered and lose points.


Level 3

level 3

Make sure you have some space for this one. Level 3 asks you to swing your phone in a wide circle to power a helicopter past a series of incoming projectiles. The faster you spin the more missiles you dodge and the better your chances of passing the challenge will be.


Level 4

level 4

This is it. The final challenge. I think we all knew where this was going from the start. This level, obviously, requires you to make punching motions that charge the energy glob on your screen, which eventually attacks the giant rat king, who is trying to destroy you. Duh.



After you’ve sliced pizzas, dodged trains, flown a helicopter, and punched a rat you will be taken to the results screen to see how you did. If you scored well enough you will pass and be invited to put forth your name for consideration in the free-Vive drawing. If you weren’t up to snuff, well, then you end up like me.


Hey, there’s always next time right?

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