Best Of UploadVR Livestreams: Skyrim, LA Noire, Beat Saber, And More

by David Jagneaux • July 4th, 2018

You might have noticed over the last few months that we’re trying to increase our livestream frequency here at UploadVR. We’ve been using Restream, a service that allows you to stream to more than one platform simultaneously so that we can hit both YouTube and Twitch. Then using OVRDrop, we can see chat from both services while inside VR without having to look at the monitor at all.

We’re still gearing up to start doing some more mixed reality streaming with a smooth, easy pipeline, so keep an eye out for that in compatible titles going forward. But since today is the Fourth of July and that means taking the day off for most Americans, I decided to put together this roundup of some of our best recent VR gaming livestreams all in one handy spot.

Check some of them out and if you like what you see subscribe to use on YouTube and Twitch to get involved the next time we’re live! We usually try to go live two or three times per week around 2:00PM or 3:00PM PT.

Skyrim VR

LA Noire: The VR Case Files


Beat Saber


Archangel: Hellfire


Echo Arena



Thanks for checking out some of our livestreams! If you’ve got suggestions for games you’d like to see us play live, let us know down in the comments below. And keep an eye on our channels next week as we will be livestreaming Seeking Dawn, the highly anticipated VR shooter ahead of its launch in mid-July.

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