9 Of The Best VR Games For Working Up A Sweat

by David Jagneaux • March 9th, 2018

Now that VR is nearing its second year of consumer-grade availability a lot of the games coming out are breaking new ground in terms of what can be done from within an HMD. In the first year we got a lot of games that were slow-paced, atmospheric adventures that focused on teleporting around maps instead of letting users freely move. There were a few cardio-heavy exceptions such as Audioshield and Soundboxing, but for the most part VR was a relatively stationary experience.

That’s definitely not the case anymore. Many of the most popular and most successful VR games hitting the market right now feature fast-paced and kinetic gameplay that gets players up on their feet moving around. There’s even a VR Institute of Healthy and Exercise designed to highlight high-calorie-burning apps and we’ve previously highlighted a few of the Vive’s standout titles.

Now that even more games are out on the market we’ve put together a list of some of the very best VR games out there designed to help you work up a sweat and burn some calories.

Sprint Vector, from Survios

Platforms: PSVR, Rift, Vive

It’s a racing game where you swing your arms as fast as you can, like you’re actually sprinting. Gotta go fast.

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Knockout League, from Grab Games

Platforms: PSVR, Rift, Vive

Remember Punch-Out!! on the NES where you played as a tiny little guy and fought Mike Tyson at the end? Well this is basically that, but in VR.

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Blaster of the Universe, from Secret Location

Platforms: PSVR, Rift, Vive

Blasters of the Universe is basically the most intense and epic wave shooter out in VR right now. That doesn’t initially sound too intense — but trust us, it’ll make you sweat.

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Fruit Ninja VR, from Halfbrick Studio

Platforms: PSVR, Rift, Vive

This is basically exactly what you think it is — but it’s way more fun and exhausting than you’d think. Using two swords (one in each hand) instead of just your finger makes a big difference.

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VirZOOM, from VirZOOM

Platforms: PSVR, Rift, Vive

This stationary bike plugs into your PC or PS4 and syncs up with a bunch of really tiring games. It’s literally designed to make you sweat as much as possible.

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Holopoint, from Alzan Studios

Platforms: Rift, Vive

Holopoint was one of the first VR games I played and I still go back to it when I’m introducing people to VR for the first time or when I want to get my body moving.

Gorn, from Free Lives

Platforms: Rift,  Vive

Prepare for battle in Gorn, a gladiator-style battle royale in which you’ll decapitate and bloody countless brawny adversaries.

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Sparc, from CCP

Platforms: PSVR, Rift, Vive

Remember the disc battle scenes from the Tron movies? This is basically that, but instead of discs, it’s balls. And you’re gonna be sore and sweaty after an hour in this one.

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Echo Arena, from Ready at Dawn

Platforms: PSVR, Rift, Vive

Finally, Echo Arena is an intense zero-G sport that plays out like a match of soccer or quidditch with floating discs and suspended rings. It’s one of the best multiplayer VR games out there.

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This is far from a comprehensive list. Many of the first wave of VR titles also fit this category, such as the aforementioned Audioshield and Soundboxing, as well as Space Pirate Trainer and many others.

Let us know some of your favorite VR games to play when you want to work up a sweat down in the comments below!

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  • BoxVR (the biggest calorie burner for me), Hot Squat, The Thrill of the Fight.

    • RationalThought

      Thrill of the Fight is tops for me…….as well as being fun and about as close as you can get to sparring/quality shadowboxing without going to the gym!

  • mirak

    Hover Junkers was nice, but no one is playing it anymore

  • rabs

    BoxVR is the best active game for me, but may be to much of an explicit exercise for some people’s taste.
    No need to discover patterns and proper response by trial and error, like in Knockout league.

    • Robbie DeRoo

      I was surprised this was not on the list.

  • VR Spry Guy

    If you are in it for a good workout, try Unbreakable VR Runner (currently 100% positive reviews on Steam). It’s a hidden gem and inexpensive. Just make sure you have a good sized play area.