Bethesda Apologizes And Explains Why Doom VFR Didn’t Work On Rift At Launch

by Ian Hamilton • December 1st, 2017

Now we know why Doom VFR didn’t work on an Oculus Rift when it launched yesterday.

A beta version of SteamVR was quickly dispatched as a workaround that made the game work on a Rift, but there are still some VR community members wondering about the reason for the initial failure to launch. After all, Bethesda parent company ZeniMax is still owed $500 million by Oculus, according to a jury’s decision. So it is easy for folks to imagine other motivations in play here.

According to a statement from Bethesda, though, it happened because “the development team has not yet had an opportunity to test, optimize, and refine the game for Oculus Rift.”

Here’s the full statement:

Today, DOOM VFR was officially released for HTC Vive and PSVR. Our development team has focused on making the game look and play great on those two platforms first. However, as we’ve always said, our goal with all of our VR titles is to bring them to as many platforms as possible and we continue to evaluate expanding these options. When and if we have more information about additional platforms, we will let everyone know.

At launch, we are only supporting Vive and PSVR. While we’ve heard Steam has been updated to allow the game to be playable on Rift via a Beta, the development team has not yet had an opportunity to test, optimize, and refine the game for Oculus Rift. That is why the game was not playable on Rift immediately; we don’t want anyone to have a bad experience on something we haven’t tested yet.

We understand Rift owners found this frustrating today, and we apologize for any confusion. Our goal is always to provide players the most stable and optimized experience on every platform we support.

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  • impurekind

    Just to repeat something I said the other day: Why aren’t more fps games in VR using full locomotion but with the option to switch on tunneling when moving (see Google Earth VR* for an example of how this works: It’s totally effective and it eliminates motion sickness basically 100%)?

    • Arv

      Because a great deal of developers don’t have the balls to do it. They want to wrap VR headset owners in cotton wool. There are a few that are doing so (including my good self for my game that’s hopefully going to be finished late next year!) but not enough for my liking. What’s REALLY annoying is those that add free locomotion in a post-launch patch (The Mage’s Tale is a prime example) but don’t offer a smooth turning option to go with it.

      My game is going to be a VR survival-horror game (think Dreadhalls meets Alien Isolation) with smooth turning and free locomotion turned on by default and won’t have a teleport mechanic anywhere near it. I’m going to have a vignette (tunnelling) and snap turning as options in the settings for those that don’t have VR legs strong enough to handle the default locomotion and turning.

      • Bundy

        It has nothing to do with not having balls. They just want to get as many people playing it as they can.

        Not a single person in my house can play a full locomotion game. Not one. Onward looks cool, but I’ll never play it.

        • Rob Heath


          • Bundy


      • mirak

        I like Serious Sam teleport + step dash.
        This similar to doom vfr default mode.

        I can play for hours without sickness or needing to use locomotion.

        I can play Pavlov too.

    • Cl

      IDK. I just got vive earlier this week and im still trying to get used to full movement. Even with comfort options I can only play serious Sam for like 20 mins with full movement. We just need options for all types.

    • Nathan Maxtro

      Another question is why don’t more VR games have third person cameras. It’s also a way to have full locomotion and eliminates motions sickness for a lot of people, including myself.

      • impurekind

        Yeah, games like Chronos and Moss are genuinely great examples of third person done right in VR. An old-school Resident Evil game done like this, with the classic fixed camera views, could be sooo sweet.

  • Dave Leack

    Sure would be nice if Bethesda would state conclusively whether the crash to desktop was a bug or the intended behaviour.
    The statement treads a line, allowing the reader to hear *either* “it wasn’t tested, so a bug was still in there which made it crash” *or* “we hadn’t tested it, so we intentionally blocked that hardware”.
    Clarity would be informative.

    • Caven

      I’m pretty sure Valve wouldn’t have bypassed an intentional hardware block, and when I was attempting to get Doom VFR running on a Rift, I noticed that the game had properly formatted tiles that appeared in Oculus Home.

      • Bundy

        Oh that’s nice. The few I’ve seen in Oculus Home are just shortcuts to the same Unreal exe. Impossible to know which is which.

  • care package

    ya right. Implementing a different interface (Rift) during development would have been too much.

  • Buddydudeguy

    What a crock of crap. Rift users are 1/2 their (potential) player base. TO blow it off as second priority…incredibly stupid.

    • Knightmare25

      Hmm. A few million dollars at most from Doom VFR sales compared to 500 million owed to them. Nope, not incredibly stupid, incredibly smart. Deprive the userbase the game, force Facebook to pay them the money they’re owed.

      • Bob Austin

        they’re not owed shit. They sue everyone and everything they can with frivilous lawsuits hoping that some stick, and unfortunately the jury was too stupid to figure it out so they flipped a coin on this one.

        • Brian

          Another rift owner living in denial. The Vive won the race. Zenimax won $500M… it is FACT that John Carmack stole software and code when he left ID.

          “In addition to expert testimony finding both literal and non-literal
          copying, Oculus programmers themselves admitted using Zenimax’s
          copyrighted code (one saying he cut and pasted it into the Oculus SDK),
          and [Oculus VR co-founder] Brendan Iribe, in writing, requested a
          license for the ‘source code shared by Carmack’ they needed for the
          Oculus Rift. Not surprisingly, the jury found Zenimax code copyrights
          were infringed. The Oculus Rift was built on a foundation of Zenimax

          • Bundy

            That’s only half the picture. For the larger charge that Oculus stole trade secrets, they were found not guilty. What Carmack stole was code he wrote. While that’s legally Zenimax property, it’s rather dubious. Remember that they were being sued for like 4 billion. Zenimax lost more than they won here.

          • mirak

            The stolen/re-used code is really not worth 500 millions, that’s absurd. Lol

            But there is no excuse for copy pasting. They should know better when working in this industry. They were kind of lazy on this one.

          • Bundy

            It’s not absurd. Code can be worth way more than that. How much do you think Google’s search engine code is worth?

            They were stupid on this one. When Carmack was writing code for Oculus while working for id, he should have stopped, quit his job, and moved over.

            I wish the feud would end though, and the only thing we had to complain about was how long it’s taking ES6 VR to be released.

          • mirak

            What makes the difference is how well they used existing researches to create a business, and target it right. Nobody used this principles like that before.
            The code in itself is not much compared to the ideas behind them, that’s why copy pasting was real lazyness .
            Although is sped up Oculus development I don’t think the stolen parts had this much influence.

            I don’t know how they compute that. If it’s the time and money spent to develop it initially, multiplied by Oculus value growth, then i still don’t see the 500 millions.

          • sebrk

            They called from Kindergarten. Apparently you ran away.

          • 0z79

            Umm… if he wrote the code in the first place, then it’s not technically stealing… to anyone but the Corporate Overlords, that is.

      • Donnie

        lol, Doom VFR isnt moving any mountains in this situation

        • ipollute

          No the game itself.isnt. but it isn’t about moving mountains, it’s about pointing gamers toward the mountain.

          • KLEEBAN KLIBAN

            Not to mention Doom is by far the smallest game of the three. Fallout 4 and Skyrim will hurt. Imagine if ES6 launches with VR compatibility before the dust settles.

          • Bundy

            The only thing that will take longer than these lawsuits is a full ES game. We’ll never see another ES game while ESO is running.

          • KLEEBAN KLIBAN

            Yea, ES6 is years out too. 2019 is my hope. I didnt mean to make that sound like I thought it was realistic that the squabbling would last that long. That was more of a “that would be crazy” joke scenario.

            Though I think ESO will keep going after ES6 launches. There is still money in it and it is a different developer so no conflict of resources. Sales wont compete either since the experiences are worlds apart. I dont see anyone saying they dont need ES6 because they have ESO. The games cater to different styles of gameplay.. well I suppose I dont know what ES6 will be haha.. but I feel safe in saying it wont be ESO inspired.

      • Luke

        I don’t want to belive they act as nazis. when 1 nazi was killed they was killing 10 innocent civilians.

    • mirak

      No it’s less 1/2, because the main user base is the PSVR.

      • Buddydudeguy

        Not talking about PSVR….totally different platform, not on the same level. It’s only one step up from mobile lol

        • moron

          • Buddydudeguy

            If you think PSVR is on the same level as Rift or Vive, I’m not the moron. Care to clarify?

          • You are are an idiot for thinking it’s on the level of mobile VR. You sound like such an insufferable tool.

          • Buddydudeguy

            “You are are an idiot for thinking it’s on the level of mobile VR. ” You have terrible reading comprehension. I said it’s one step up from mobile. mobile<PSVR<PC VR. You are the tool, go back to elementary school for crying out loud. Learn to read.

          • Buddydudeguy

            You have terrible reading comprehension. I said it’s one step up from mobile. mobile < PSVR < PC VR. You are the tool, go back to elementary school for crying out loud. Learn to read.

          • Nice try trying to cover up you original obnoxious comment. Also, it is on “the level” because it shares a lot of the same games with Vive and Rift. No, in some ways it’s not as high tech, true. it’s also destroying the other 2 in sales, and gets the most steady stream of good games out of all of them. Maybe it’s time to stop writing it off and being a smug little snob. I’d almost be willing to bet you have never even tried one.

          • Buddydudeguy

            “destroying the other two in sales” lol so cute. Mobiles VR is beating both PSVR and PC VR. wtf is your point?

          • d0x360

            Dude what is your deal? He said one step up from mobile and he’s right. In fact with the VR updates in Android 8 and a high end phone there are some mobile VR experiences that look and run better than alot of psvr titles. The only real difference is control method or lack of.

            Before you even think to wonder yes I’ve tried all 3. We have them at work and we can take them home if we want. I’ve used all 3 recently and extensively which is why I bought a Rift and giggle at the thought of using my PS4 pro to play VR.

            Now please continue to act like a rube.

          • daveinpublic

            You’re saying that mobile games can be as good as a Playstation 4 VR titles? That’s the first I’ve heard.

          • d0x360

            Of course they can, try one sometime.

          • steve

            Stop being such an emotional nancy over a freaking vr headset.

          • Eh. Maybe I went too hard on the personal insults, but I am just seriously just done with the PC master race crap. It’s very clear that most of these idiots have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to PSVR and it just gets old seeing it at the bottom of every article. And to be clear, I think Rift and Vive are awesome and at least from a tech standpoint they are better than PSVR. But it doesn’t change that it’s a solid headset that is doing the best in sales and game support. If you care about VR as a platform maybe think about not writing it off like some smug dick because it may end up being your last hope.

        • koenshaku

          I don’t see what is so different about the level since the same game is released on that level.. It is their platform of choice because they have the largest number of HMD owners. Oculus has yet to release their numbers along with WMR and HTC, so as he said considerably less than half could be around 20%.

          • Buddydudeguy

            You’re off base. When I said half the user base, I meant PC VR. I don’t care about PSVR. Recent numbers show Rift and Vive are neck and neck with Rift slightly ahead. Yes, they are pissing off half the PC VR user base. Screw PSVR, not talking about that.

          • koenshaku

            The game is still on both platforms so your statement is wrong and there are no official numbers. Just some steam use numbers for a period that left rift at about 48% before WMR launched which I am sure has now reduced that number..

          • Buddydudeguy

            You sure love reaching koenshaku . Why are you “sure”? You know Rift has had a number of price drops right? That’s what contributed to Rift going over 50% PC user base. Keep doing research though, you ALMOST know what you’re talking about.

          • koenshaku

            Why am I sure of what? That official numbers have not been released for any of the PC HMDs? They have not been unless you can source otherwise. No one cares for fanboy analytics of what percentage of market share they think the HMDs are. There have been price drops for all platforms and WMR didn’t even exist when you that estimate put out. BTW VRheads gave Doom VFR a 4.5 out of 5 rating, so I guess you can say that is a troll site now too?

          • Lol meanwhile PSVR is destroying PCVR

          • Not that I’m hating on Vive or Rift because they are both pretty awesome. They just have a handful of worthless loser fans like you, which is unfortunate.

          • mirak

            I know you mean PCVR but what matter is the overall money, and this make your remark way less relevant.

          • Buddydudeguy

            My remark less relevant???? Stop replying you’re not making sense.

          • d0x360

            You want to talk money? Let’s see… LexisNexis confirms Sony lost and continues to lose money on psvr. They may have an early sales lead in hardware but they don’t sell many games.

            Oculus is not profitable yet but they also have the lowest build cost per unit on PC and they make a ton of extra money selling the controllers and 3rd sensor separate.

            The Vive has outsold the Oculus on PC but has no secondary revenue stream. Their hmd is the most expensive to build due to contract deals for parts and promised volume.

            So for the love of God all of you leave the dude alone and grow up.

        • This site is really solid, but the fanboy crap in all of the comments is completely insufferable. People like Buddydudeguy are why people hate gamers. Take a good look at yourself. You suck, man.

          • Buddydudeguy

            I’m not a fanboy. I brought facts not mindless raving. Go learn the word, come back and maybe we can talk.
            PSVR isn’t on Rift and Vives level. It’s a fact console kiddies can’t wrap their head around.

          • You are so dense it’s amazing

          • Buddydudeguy

            You’re cool.

          • Thanks! I know

          • Drake Tempest

            I own both Oculus and PSVR and to say that PSVR has a better game selection than Oculus is just flat out untrue. Only great game that PSVR has that Oculus doesn’t is RE7 which is coming to PC. Farpoint is only good cause of the aim controller. It’s just a generic shooter otherwise. Meanwhile, there’s a long list of titles on PCVR that PSVR players are constantly begging for. Hell most of the library of “good” psvr games came from PCVR.

          • You didn’t bring any facts. I never said PSVR was going to offer as much of a high tech experience as a Vive or Rift. Although it’s a lot closer than you give it credit for. My problem is just stupid off hand comments some of you idiots feel the need to make all the time.

            Anyone who un-ironically uses the term “console kiddies” is probably a sad fat blob sitting in a room full of his own farts and crying himself to sleep every night.

  • Wrinkly

    I can see Bethesda’s point. An Oculus bundle is a huge outlay for a company that size. Not even platform exclusives and paid mods would pay for it. Perhaps we can look forward to loot boxes next?

  • Hone McBone

    Still waiting on the apology from Oculus for not using OpenVR & splitting the initial VR space in two. Thankfully with more headsets coming there’s less incentive for developers to create games for just the Rift.

    • Elliott Smith

      I agree it could’ve been handled better, but I’d really miss ASW if Oculus used OpenVR.

    • Thomas Van Iseghem

      Wasn’t oculus first with their runtime/enviroment? Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it’s not oculus splitting the space but openVR comming later

      • mirak

        Then I guess you can explain why some guy alone can make something like Revive and make the Vive work on Oculus store, but Oculus can’t ?

        • IanTH

          It isn’t so cut and dry. In a world where Valve wants Steam to be the de facto standard for software sales, they actually have more to lose by allowing their headset to work on a competing storefront. I’m going to add a second reply with the link, as I’m never sure if a link will go through or be moderated. This is an article from Polygon with the title “Why it’s unlikely your Vive will ever play Oculus games” if my link doesn’t work and you are interested in checking it out.

          • mirak

            Yet, as Revive shows, nothing prevents Oculus to support the Vive if they want to.

          • bobzdar

            I think, like psvr, the hardware is sold either break even or at a loss, so they’d actually make more money with other headsets using their store. It’s a pointless argument, though, revive exists and works (for both Vive and WindowsMR) and Oculus has said they won’t block any of that type of utility, so what’s the problem? I can see them being perfectly open to other headsets on their platform but I can also perfectly understand them not wanting to do development work to do so. They probably punted over to HTC figuring the manufacturer should do the leg work in making it work with Oculus sdk and HTC said ‘no thanks, it works on steam.’ It’s somewhat petty considering a user developed hack was released pretty quickly meaning it’s somewhat trivial for them to work on both – but hey, Oculus did to the legwork to make their headset work on Steam, so I think the onus should be on the headset makers and not Oculus for the software side.

          • mirak

            I think oculus conditions to have the right to be supported by the Oculus store is to have a Oculus logo on the product.

            The developper hack Revive emulate and fakes an Oculus headset. It’s not using an api provided by Oculus to integrage a new device.

            I don’t think you have to comply or bend to anything to integrate steam.

            Also one good reason to not go the revive way for a company like HTC is that it can break.
            It can break for the same reasons people are complaining why doom vfr is not working on Rift. Because there is no support by the game developper, officially or unnoficially it’s just not tested. The game is not said to be supported on the store page.
            I don’t see a reason why HTC would go that way.

        • Thomas Van Iseghem

          Probably they can but if they would do that, they would have to make shure everything is optimised for the vive controllers aswell. If you’ve ever spent some time in the Oculus space you quickly realise a lot is built with the touch controllers in mind (able to move individual fingers). I do agree though that it would be nice that they opened it for everyone

    • Bundy

      OpenXR will hopefully put an end to this.

      • Luke

        will openxr work for this generation cv1?

        • Bundy

          It’s basically OpenVR that runs on Vulkan.

  • Jonny

    In other words: Valve outsmarted their attempt at locking out Rift owners, and now they realize that the publicity would be too bad if they tried to lock them out again.

    • d0x360

      Exactly. Bethesda put some code in the 1st post logo screens that would crash the Rift and Valve is using their runtime to intercept that code and replace it.

      It’s no different than how AMD replaces gameworks code with their own in some games. That’s why on launch a game generally runs 2-5% worse than it does a few weeks later.

      I wish I had the URL but AMD had a whole white paper on their driver team rewriting shader code in AAA games using gameworks so they would run better.



  • Trevor Jones

    Yeah im not buying it, that apology is suspicious as fuck. They make it sound like the rift is some foreign piece of hardware that they haven’t had access to for the last year. On top of the fact that the most openVR games work on rift without any intervention. (not saying its optimal, but it at least launches) i feel like that HAD to be done on purpose. Steam probably saw that they were going to have to refund alot of users money and over stepped them and undid what bethesda did do break it in the first place

    • Brian Brown

      There is no mention of this game working on Oculus on Steam store page. As a Vive owner, I find Oculus and their propensity to release VR titles as exclusives annoying as fuck.

      • Veraxus

        I thought Steam only showed the Oculus logo when a game included the Oculus SDK natively (as opposed to *just* OpenVR). There are TONS of games on Steam that only show the Vive logo, but also work on both Oculus and WindowsMR.

      • care package

        I find the double speak of the parrots riding the oculus hate bandwagon annoying as fuck. No one says anything about Sony, or exclusives anywhere else.

    • Caven

      If Bethesda had wanted to do it on purpose, all they would have had to do is implement a hardware check (which they’d have had to do anyway for an alleged deliberate bug) and simply pop up a message saying that the Rift isn’t supported. That would have absolutely prevented Valve from being able to do anything to fix it without having to trick Doom VFR into thinking a Rift was really a Vive, and that’s definitely not what Valve’s fix did. And if Bethesda really didn’t want the game to work on the Rift, why does Doom VFR have the proper tile imagery in Oculus Home?

      When it comes to refunds, Bethesda would be losing more than double the money that Valve would be, and VR is still small potatoes relative to the business Valve normally does. Trying to rescue some small amount of lost profits isn’t something Valve has to worry about–certainly not to the point that they have to monitor the situation in real time and post a same-day fix. That sure as hell doesn’t sound like the Valve that people know.

      As for not having access to the Rift over the past year, do you really think having a bunch of Rifts in the office is going to go over well with Bethesda’s parent company?
      You know, the one that sued Oculus VR? It wouldn’t surprise me if any Rift testing they did had to be done on the sly. Hell, knowing that OpenVR supports the Rift and other headsets, it would have been easy for Bethesda to assume that if the game works on a Vive that it would work on other headsets.

    • care package

      Ya, I noticed with all the ‘explanations’ going on, no one is saying the game/s are coming to the Rift. It’s like they’re buying time is all.

  • norml

    Definitely a Carmack, Zenimax feud. I personally am playing on a windows headset. Big fan of Carmack but getting bought out by facebook makes me hate Oculus. Too bad John doesn’t go back to ID and bring order to the world. For now I will still play the game and wonder what could have been.

    • Bundy

      I can’t imagine he would have any desire to go back to id at this point. They’re currently both suing each other.


    I smell bullshit as well… considering the circumstances. Also, the title should be “Bethesda Apologizes And Explains Why Doom VFR Doesn’t Work Well At All.”

  • ChristianWilliamson

    Did their marketting rep just try to instill me with a sense of pride and accomplishment? oh hell naw

  • Tenka

    So basically they admitted to locking it out then. I mean .. Valve added a “work around” .. for something that couldve been written off as “a glitch” … but no they pretty much said here and now that they specifically locked out Oculus Rift.

  • Darth Lazers

    I think its pretty clear that what the person who wrote the statement was saying is essentially;

    ‘Due to conflict between zenimax and oculus, it seemed prudent to not have the dev team noodling around in hardware made by a company (oculus/facebook) that their company (zenimax) is embroiled in a legal dispute with, especially as the legal dispute is over that very hardware (the rift).’

    Which makes perfect sense to me, Bethesda / Zenimax literally just sued a former member of their VR team (Carmack) for stealing research and taking it to Oculus. Is it not unreasonable for other people working at that studio to be a little leary of bandying Oculus hardware about inside the office?

    Furthermore, wouldn’t bethesda have been the ones who released the beta patch on Steam? I was under the impression that Valve isn’t in the business of patching other peoples games for them.

    • A.J. Smith

      It isn’t a patch to the game, it’s a patch to SteamVR itself. Basically, the Oculus won’t load unless a “default mesh” is returned by the program to the headset. Doom VFR was missing a workaround for this, so they added one to SteamVR for the game. It’s right in the Oculus SDK that this will happen, Bethesda just chose to ignore it apparently, but at the end of the day it didn’t require a mod for any game files to get it running.

  • Brian

    People need to wake the fukc up and realize they live in the real world. They’re owed 500M from oculus and they’re still trying to block the sale of the rift. Why on earth would they spend time and money to support a product they’re fighting against which was built by people that stole from them? Just acknowledging said product in this way could backfire in their past and future court proceedings.

  • Jim P

    As long as I can play it. I’m good. Hope they fix the Skyrim before it comes out on steam.

  • mirak

    It’s insulting to have all this Oculus user whining, and talking
    about a consipiracy theory, while ignoring that Oculus does nothing at all for other

    Bethesda did just what Oculus did about other headsets : nothing.

    It is wrote on the store page that only Vive is supported.

  • d0x360

    Sorry Bethesda not buying it. It seemed more like there was a bug purposefully put into the game to crash it after the logos and valve fixed it themselves because they didn’t want to deal with 50% of their VR audience trying to return the game because returns cost them money.

    Bethesda decided to punish its own customers for it’s beef with Facebook and that’s just not cool. I’ve played tons of “Vive only” games on my rift with zero issues. Considering doom is using OVR it’s impossible that this was a mistake.

    • Caven

      Seriously? Bethesda loses over twice as much money on each refund than Valve does in that case. If Bethesda really wanted to block the game from working on the Rift, all they would have had to do is check for the presence of an Oculus Rift and pop up a message saying the game isn’t supported on that platform before exiting. Then there’d have been no bug for Valve to be able to fix. And remember, the bug that was fixed was within SteamVR–not Bethesda’s code. What’s the point of introducing a bug that could easily be fixed externally? Valve didn’t have to resort to tricking Doom VFR into thinking an Oculus Rift was really a Vive.

      And yes, tons of “Vive only” games work on a Rift with no issues, because the vast majority of them are using one of two major game engines–Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D. Any VR bugs fixed within those two engines benefits almost the entire VR software industry. The engine Doom VFR uses is not one of those two engines, so it’s definitely possible that a bug slipped through the cracks, especially if they had to skip out on thorough Rift testing to placate their parent company. And we ARE talking about Bethesda here; bugs are one of their most infamous trademarks. To suggest that Bethesda could only have introduced a bug via deliberate malice is hilarious.

  • Shawn Stroud

    Cough, bullshit, cough

  • And why such a big company has still not optimized the game for Rift? It is suspicious…

  • John Calvin

    So lets get this straight… They want 500 Million from a lawsuit, but they reject money from Oculus owners which is half their customer base, for this 500 Million? I suspect they will lose more than 500 million over time for trying to screw over Oculus owners because of their petty pride. But that is the companies decision. NOT releasing games for both Oculus and Vive is certainly not in their best interests. Also, this would have no impact on their ‘lawsuit’ to release it on both systems.

  • Konchu

    This is why I like the Valve guys they go out of there way to make sure games work. It makes sense as they make money on this too. But Steam is the only platform that natively supports all the headsets. That is why I buy all my games on their platform if I can as I am confident most of my games will have support for what ever comes out next headset wise.

    I wouldn’t doubt if they made this purposely difficult on Rift but if that is the case it is cool Valve is not helping propagate this via turning a blind eye etc.

  • Nathan Maxtro

    “development team has not yet had an opportunity to test, optimize, and refine the game for Oculus Rift”

    Bullshit. There is no excuse to not support the Rfit besides the bad blood between Zenimax and Oculus.

  • Mane Vr

    am I the only one who has no problem with if it doesn’t work on the rift? I feel vive has the right to exclusives. if I wanted to play it that bad I could buy a vive or windows mr hmd. I don’t understand the big deal.

  • David Gagné

    And now what they will say about Fallout 4 VR unplayable witch oculus touch controller?

  • David Gagné

    And now what they will say about Fallout 4 VR unplayable witch oculus touch controller?