E3 2017: Bethesda Will Bring Skryim, Fallout 4 VR To ‘As Many Platforms As We Can’

by Jamie Feltham • June 14th, 2017

Bethesda had plenty of big VR projects to showcase at E3 2017 this week, but there’s been a little confusion as to when you’ll get to play what on which platforms. If you have a high-end headset, though, there’s a good chance you’ll get to play everything at some point in the future.

Following a few days of fans asking what platforms Bethesda’s VR games would be available on, the company issued a statement on Twitter, noting that it plans “on supporting as muany platforms as week can.”

Images of Fallout 4 and Skyrim VR accompanied the tweet.

Currently, Fallout 4 is set to release on HTC Vive this October, and Skyrim VR will hit PlayStation VR (PSVR) in November. From the sounds of it, both games could head elsewhere after this initial release. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a Vive version of Skyrim follow soon after the PSVR release, for example. It’s a little trickier with Fallout 4, though, as there’s still the question of if the game will run on the less powerful PS4 hardware.

All that said, we still don’t have a clear idea on the company’s plans for that other major VR hardware, the Oculus Rift. Bethesda’s relationship with the company appears somewhat estranged given that owner ZeniMax Media recently took Oculus to court over an alleged theft of technology. Oculus is currently trying to appeal the $500 million fine it was ordered to pay ZeniMax. It’s not hard to understand why there might be some hold up bring Fallout, Skyrim, and the PSVR and Vive-bound Doom VFR to Rift, then.

We’re visiting Bethesda at E3 today, so expect impressions on these titles soon.

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  • zflorence1

    Well since Bethesda isn’t owned by either Facebook, HTC, Sony, or Samsung it SHOULD stand that they will release them on all of them, resources willing! Obviously not taking into consideration the cluster that their parent company is in with Facebook, but something is really irking me about studios continually getting acquired by game hardware makers; it’s been a race of “who can buy up/partner all the best studios first to sell their game machines the most.” If Sony could have every single major studio to itself don’t bet they wouldn’t. I have no idea what Microsoft think they are going to sell to people in the face of Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games, Santa Monica Studios, Japan, Kojima, Quantic Dream, etc.

    • Nicholas

      It’ll probably run on the Rift just fine via Steam, but there’s no way they’re going to say that they officially support it. That would weaken their legal case against Facebook if they acknowledged support for a device they were threatening with an injunction.

    • J.C.

      I agree MS has been…pretty weak this generation. Luckily their first party titles also play on PC, so that’s where I play Forza Horizon 3. Best not-quite-sim racing game made, has a large player base due to being crossplay compatible with the Xbone.

      As for Bethesda? They can sell on whatever platform they choose, and if they hardware-block the Rift, that’s their own decision. Im betting Oculus could get them to not block them, they just have to pay that $500m Zenimax won.

      • pokari

        More specifically they probably just have to wait for that case to be settled, regardless of outcome.

        I could easily imagine that Zeni’s lawyers want them to avoid touching occulus just to preclude any clever twisty legal argument FB’s lawyers might have come up with based on Bethesda’s use of the stuff.

    • Get Schwifty!

      Well given the fact FO4 is owned by the evil Zenimax…. they don’t necessarily want to support Facebook/Oculus in any way.

  • Mane Vr

    is this a surprise to people if one thing we learnt about Bethesda this yr is that they will do anything for money.. I won’t be buying fallout4 vr or skyrim vr for $60 mainly cause they r not offering anything to those who already own the game

    • Quotemequoteyou

      So u think just because you have the original you should get the vr version free, you are you trashing pos. They allowed special edition to be free if you own skyrim and the dlc which makes sense. But u think that they should give the vr version which definitely required decent effort to bring forward free to people who may have bought their previous game/s for 5 to 60 dollars dollars. You sir are stupid and unreasonable.

      • Reels Rihard

        Some people are unbelievably entitled. Apparently, they’ve already gotten what they paid for escapes them..

      • Mane Vr

        No free i never said free i am willing tp pay like $30 for the vr mod to the game

    • Bundy

      I agree for games that are a rather simple port, but a lot of man hours went into these. And given the hype around them they’d be crazy to give them away for free.

      • Mane Vr

        Where is the proof they put a lot of man power on it

        • Bundy

          They’ve been working on this for a long time. Not a hard assumption.

          • Mane Vr

            U assume they been working on it a long time beside adding vr and motion control is there any new update that i missed that makes the worth $60 if they said $30 as an add-on if u already own the game thats fine with me but 60? Really u can tell me u think for judt adding vr this game is worth $60? I bet u have all the dlc does the fact ut dlc won’t work which mean u know they going to release the dlc in vr and charge u full price for them too
            They meant not miss my money but i can’t stand a company that don’t so love to the fans that got them there i am not saying for others to not buy it in fact i hope it sells well so more vr ports of aaa games get made

          • Bundy

            Because that’s what people are willing to pay for It. The vr game market isn’t saturated and has only a small handful of AAA titles. That’s why they think worth 60. Capitalism

          • Mane Vr

            Right and i understand that and that y i said i won’t be paying $60 for it cause as people are willing to keep paying for things like this devs keep milking us. While i think things like boycotts r dumb but i think as an info consumer of games i don’t want to be apart of them getting away with double charging us for a new feature that could of been added with an dlc..

    • J.C.

      Yeah, I’m surprised they aren’t offering a discount to those who already own the original games. Then again, if they discounted them by the lowest known price those games sold at, you’d get a whopping $5 discount.

      They can’t tell if you paid $60 upon release, or $5 on a big sale. If they were maybe selling vr-retooled games that weren’t a few years old, they could actually offer something.

      The other part is the immense amount of work that went into converting the games, and the relatively small audience for them means they have to try to recover that cost somehow. It’s an unfortunate fact of economics: the smaller the potential audience, the higher the price has to be to make a profit. Want to be part of VR in its infancy? Gonna be pricey.

      • Get Schwifty!

        Yeah, I think for previous owners that this should be a reduced cost DLC BUT like you said I understand why. Given how Steam is built, there’s no good way to track this I suspect easily plus, hell, they know we will line up like hungry sheep to buy it πŸ˜‰

        • pokari

          That last bit is I think the pertinent bit. There’s enough people starved for substantial VR content (and anyone with a desktop VR headset has already proven they have cash to burn) that they could probably have even priced it at $80 and still have gotten most of the people who’ll be buying it at 60.

          • James Andre

            I’m on the other side of this… I will wait until it is 30 since I already own FO4 I won’t pay $60 for what should be a $30 dlc. As for the comment about how steam is built it would be easy to do it as a DLC or a second standalone. They could give current owners of the fo4 a coupon Dead Effect 2 VR just did that this past week. If you owned the original game you automatically received a coupon for 75% off the VR standalone game. Either way it is up to each consumer to decide if it is worth it or not. I would pay 60 if I didn’t already have the game.

      • Mane Vr

        U rrally believe the crap about it being so hard to port in vr.. πŸ˜’ modders has taken less time to add navie vr rendering for both hmd for free in less time. With tons of options

        • J.C.

          Oh yes? Which gigantic games have modders done this for, with a complete interface, game logic and combat overhaul? Please, point out one of them.

          • Mane Vr

            Game logic, combat overhaul? This game looks the same to me modders has done doom 3 and gta 5. Both of which are free or with very little cost(GTA 5 u need vorpx). They are working on hl2. Other devs r bringing their games to vr and given discounts to those who own the game already like serious sam and payday2. Those devs will get my loyality but the fact that there’s a small user base in vr is the time to set urself up as a for the fan company not as a company looking to get us for everything they can. Cause while there isn’t a lot of AAA vr games it’s not like we don’t know they r coming

    • Get Schwifty!

      Don’t take it personally, but they won’t miss you one bit.

      • Mane Vr

        It’s not a boycott it just if i own the game why should i pay 60 again for it.. other devs are adding vr aa a free dl and they want 60 for it with none of the current dlc.

  • So we can expect a Fallout4 VR for cardboard?

    • Get Schwifty!


  • If these don’t come to Rift it’s a terrible decision imo.

    • Tommy

      I own PSVR and completely agree

  • Knightmare25

    β€œon supporting as muany platforms as week can.”

    Nice grammar.

  • Fear Monkey

    Fallout 4 VR needs to come to PSVR, but im sure the sales of Skyrim VR on PS4 will influence that. I hope it does well so they will port Fallout 4 over at some point.

    • Tommy

      I love my PSVR but am aware of it’s limitations. As much as I would like to see Fallourt 4 on PSVR, I don’t think they would ever be able to achieve a steady 60 fps on the PS4.
      Now, Fallout 3 or New Vegas is a whole diffetent story…

  • Zalamnov Zipnitiopshov

    … “so long as those platforms are not named oculus rift”…