The Biggest Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Releases Of The Week 02/04/18

by David Jagneaux • February 9th, 2018

Only a handful of games worth highlighting this week, but they’re all pretty solid. We’ve got a cyborg ninja simulator, an excellent racing game, and one of the most promising Early Access VR God games we’ve seen in recent months.

And don’t forget that UploadVR has a Steam community group, complete with a curated list of recommendations so that you don’t have to waste any money finding out what’s good in the world of VR. We also have a top list of the absolute best Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games at the corresponding links.

Sairento VR, from Mixed Realms

Price: $29.99 (Discounted Further Currently)

Imagine you had the ability to stop and slow down time, shoot a wide variety of guns, and slice through dozens of enemies with dual katanas all while wall running, jumping, and sliding around levels. Now stop imaging and go play Sairento VR if that sounds fun. It’s shallow and unpolished, but it’s a good time.

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Sprint Vector, from Survios

Price: $29.99 (Discounted Further Currently)

Simply put, Sprint Vector is an entirely unique and immensely rewarding VR racing game that has you up and on your feet, swinging your arms, racing against opponents at breakneck speeds. And there’s no VR sickness in sight. Must-play territory right here.

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Townsmen VR, from Handy-Games

Price: $9.99

Townsmen VR is a God game in which you take care of a quaint little village full of cute, tiny people. You have to watch over them and make sure they have everything they need. It’s sort of like Black & White in VR, or similar to The Sims.

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