The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 03/18/18

by Jamie Feltham • March 23rd, 2018

Unless you’re here for Floor Plan, it might be best to look the other way this week. There’s a handful of PSVR releases, but other than Turbo Button’s latest, there’s not anything you should really consider laying down any cash on.

Floor Plan, from Turbo Button
Price: $5.99 (Discounted for PS Plus members)

Floor Plan is a wacky puzzle game in which you move to different floors of a build in an elevator, solving point and click-style puzzles on each room. It’s got bags of charm and inventive challenges and is well worth the low asking price.

Our original review of the Gear VR version.

Ark Park, from Snail Games
Price: $49.99

A spin-off to Ark: Survival Evolved, Ark Park is one-part exploration game, one part VR wave shooter. You journey to a virtual vacation park where you can get up close and personal with prehistoric beasts and learn about them, then kill them all in beacon defense missions. Neither aspect of the game is all the compelling and it’s massively overpriced, so we’d suggest skipping it despite the nice visuals.

Our full review.

Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood, from Gamepooch
Price: $9.99

Origin of Blood is not a lengthly scientific adventure but instead a first-person shooter set across four levels in which you fight back dark forces. You use magical stones to warp between levels where you’ll fight huge bosses. Here’s an excerpt from the game’s PlayStation Store listing: “It is a combat for survive, it is a journey for young to grow and seek the answers through.” Okay. Visually it looks a little rough to say the least.

Audio Beats, from Gamepooch
Price: $9.99

The second Gamepooch release of the week does what it says on the tin. Is a rhythm game in which you hit notes that race towards you Guitar Hero-style and arrive in time with a beat. It looks pretty similar to the many, many other VR audio beat games out there right now.

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