Black Friday 2018: The Best VR Deals You Can Find

by Jamie Feltham • November 22nd, 2018

The VR industry really wants you to buy a headset this Black Friday.  Some of the deals we’ve seen even ahead of this year’s big shopping day are, frankly, beyond belief. If you’re yet to take the dive and get into VR then this is definitely the week to do it, and you’ll find no better list of VR deals than right here.

Keep checking back to this post throughout the week as we’ll be updating it with new deals. With all that said, let’s get to it.

PlayStation VR

Sony’s PS4 headset is going all-out this holiday season with some truly amazing deals both on the hardware and software front.

PlayStation VR with Astro Bot + Moss – $199.99

As we’ve already said, you should get a PSVR this Black Friday (if you don’t already have one), and this is one of the best deals to get. Astro Bot and Moss are two of the headset’s best games so the value here is frankly ridiculous. But, before you hit ‘Purchase’, there is another bundle to consider.

PlayStation VR with Creed, Superhot + 2 Move Controllers – $249.99

Whilst this is a touch more expensive than our last bundle, there’s a very good reason you should consider it instead. PSVR Move controllers typically go for around $60 these days so, even before you add on two more wonderful games, you’re making a big saving. Considering that a massive number of PSVR games require Moves, this may be the better bet unless you have some kicking around from your PS3 days.

PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale

As for games, the PlayStation Store has you covered. The excellent Firewall Zero Hour is down to $29.99 (though it’s best played with a PSVR Aim Controller, don’t forget) and if you get the Astro Bot bundle then you can still find Creed for just $14.99. One of the platforms best games, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, is also just $29.99 for the week.

HTC Vive

It’s the first Black Friday ever for HTC’s Vive Pro headset and thus the company is set to shave off dollars from one of VR’s most premium devices, with some amazing software deals to boot.

HTC Vive Pro Full Kit – $1,199.99 (Starts November 23rd)

Getting into VR from scratch? The Vive Pro Full Kit gives you everything you need from the headset to controllers and base stations. The headset, meanwhile, is an upgraded take on the original Vive with better resolution and integrated audio. It’s still a lot of money but, if you’re after the very best, it’s the only place to go.

HTC Vive Pro Standalone – $699.99 (Starts November 23rd)

Or, if you already have a Vive, then you’ll just need the Pro headset. This bundle takes $500 out of the cost though, again, it’s still a pretty penny.

Arizona Sunshine, Superhot VR, Accounting+, The Wizards and Sariento – $1 Each (Viveport Subscribers Only)

There’s some resistance to HTC’s Viveport platform out there but, if this deal doesn’t get you to put aside your differences then nothing else will. These are some of VR’s very best games available at a frankly stupid price. If you don’t already have them now is the time to make the drop, and you can use a free two-week trial subscription to Viveport to do it.

Oculus Rift

Oculus’ official Black Friday deals are now underway and they include the usual savings on Rift, though pay attention and we’ll show you how to get one for even cheaper.

Oculus Rift With Touch Controllers – $315

The cheapest price on the Rift yet is possible if you take advantage of Oculus’ friend referral system. Rift itself is $349 this weekend, but if you’re referred by a friend (with an Oculus account) you get another 10% off, taking the price to around $315. That’s more change for your games.

Oculus Rift With Xbox Controller  – $339.99

This Rift bundle comes with an Xbox One controller but you’ll want to spend $100 to get a second sensor and Touch controllers for the full Rift experience.

Lone Echo, Onward, Superhot, The Climb, Arizona Sunshine, Gorn, Eleven: Table Tennis VR – $99.99

So you’ve just saved $$$ on a new Rift, what next? Well, get some games for it of course. Oculus’ Black Friday Premium Pack offers a pretty decent saving on some of the best titles on the system.

Oculus Store Sale

It’s more of a Fall Sale than a Black Friday promotion but that doesn’t mean there’s money to be saved in Oculus’ latest Store-wide deals. The usual suspects or on offer, but might we recommend some alternatives, like A-Tech Cybernetic for $17.99 and Unknightly for $13.99?

Correction: An earlier version of this post had the incorrect Oculus Rift product deal details listed.

Oculus Go

It’s the first Black Friday for Oculus’ super accessible standalone VR headset, Oculus Go. Naturally, it’s time for even more savings.

Oculus Go (32GB) – $162

As with Rift, the friend referral trick works for Oculus Go, too. Get someone with an Oculus account to refer you and you’ll get 10% off of the 32GB’s Black Friday price of $179.

Windows Mixed Reality

If it’s some inside-out VR adventuring you’re after then Microsoft has you covered this Black Friday with an insanely good deal on its best Windows-based VR headset.

Samsung Odyssey+ – $299.99

The newly-released Odyssey+ has already had a massive $200 slashed off of its price, taking it to even cheaper than a Rift. This new model of the device boasts an ‘anti-screen door effect’ display designed to give you an even clearer image inside the kit, but the jury’s still out on just how good it is. Still, this is the sequel to UploadVR’s best new VR hardware of 2017.


It’s not just about hardware this Black Friday; Steam’s Autumn sale is now in full swing with some great savings on the platform’s many VR games.

Steam Autumn Sale

Pretty much all of SteamVR’s biggest VR titles have had big price cuts in the Steam Sale. Both Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR are 50% off, for starters, but we dropped our jaws at this Croteam VR Bundle, which packs all four Serious Sam VR games AND The Talos Principle VR for $28.55. That’s a whopping 86% off.

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