Black Friday Deals Drop Oculus Rift To $350, Acer Headset To $300

by Ian Hamilton • November 21st, 2017

A pair of tempting discounts are being promoted for VR headsets heading into the busiest shopping week of the year.

The Oculus Rift packaged with its Touch controllers will be just $350 at Best Buy from Nov. 23 to 25. Meanwhile, the Acer VR headset and controllers will be around $300 from Microsoft starting Nov. 19.

The Acer deal is a particularly tempting one given that Windows-based headsets including Acer are getting initial Steam support this week, making available hundreds more titles you can play with the headset. I reviewed the headset recently and lack of content was one of the major drawbacks while its easy setup is a major plus.

Of course, the Rift saw its price dropped to around $400 last month so going even $50 cheaper is a major price reduction on a system that gives you access to a lot of great Oculus-exclusive content alongside everything on Steam.

We haven’t gotten full details on Vive deals yet and it is likely more discounts will emerge heading into Nov. 24, so it’s possible these aren’t the absolute best deals heading into Black Friday. Facebook’s Oculus in particular has been aggressive with its pricing this year and I doubt the company will want to let Microsoft-backed systems undercut it. Both headsets also need powerful PCs to run them and there are definitely some package deals as well to watch for. We’ll update with those bundle deals as we get closer to next week, but if you’ve spotted any already please share in the comments.

What's your reaction?
  • daveinpublic

    Oculus should make a bundle that includes the headset, controllers, and a PC with the Oculus Home software already installed on it. Sort of an ‘all in’ bundle for like $750 or something.

    • 12Danny123

      Why would PC OEMs do that when they have their own headsets that they can make a profit and bundle with?

      • daveinpublic

        I think Oculus should do it, not the OEMs.

    • KHele2k

      I’d rather build my own PC mostly because a bottom of the line VR-capable PC to go with a VR headset would be nothing but frustrating because it would be so low-end.

  • koenshaku

    Not a bad price for trying out windows MR..

  • Thoemse

    300 $ for the Acer including controllers? This is great. I have a Vive and backed the Pimax 8k but this is absolutely fabulous news. This should let the VR community grow very quickly. From what I read the Acer offers quite a good experience too.

  • Archie

    I don’t see the Oculus deal in the Black Friday preview when I tap the link.

    • KHele2k

      I ordered it on Amazon. There’s no way to get this deal in store and I have Prime so it was the best move. Ordered it last night and it comes Monday.

      • Riki Oh

        same, my unit comes in on saturday i convinced them to waive 1 day shipping for me lol

        • KHele2k

          Very cool