Blade And Sorcery Gets Even Bloodier In Decapitation Update

by Jamie Feltham • March 26th, 2019

If there was any doubt as to if Blade and Sorcery was VR’s bloodiest game yet it’s surely done away with this update. Set to debut next week, Update 5 will add in decapitation for the first time.

Blade and Sorcery already featured gruesomely realistic stabbing. The game’s physics-driven melee mechanics have made it one of the most popular titles in VR. But, when the new update hits, you’ll also be able to lop off heads, arms and legs with your weapon of choice. You can even pick up the dismembered body parts and then, uh, stab those too. Because, well, why not?

There’s plenty more squeamish details included now too. You’ll be able to pin enemies to walls with sharp pointy things and even disarm them of their own weapons. One of the trailer’s coolest moments has players zooming to saftey by using an axe to hop on a zipline.

Finally there’s a handful of less-deadly updates like a spectator mode for desktop masochists. As you probably noticed, there’s a new map set in a canyon too. There are also new weapons including a rapier, dane axe, longsword and double bladed staff.

Update 5 is due to hit on April 4th, which is the same day the Early Access version of Blade and Sorcery arrives on the Oculus Store. No word yet on when the full version of the game will release, nor the chances of seeing it on PSVR. For now, you can pick it up on Steam for $19.99, where it supports Rift, Vive and Windows VR.

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