Blasters Of The Universe Is Finally Coming To PSVR Next Month

by Jamie Feltham • January 25th, 2018

Secret Location’s brilliant little VR bullet hell game, Blasters of the Universe, finally made its way out of Early Access in mid-2017 on Rift and Vive, and now it’s coming to PlayStation VR, too.

The game is due to launch on Sony’s popular platform on February 27th and will be published by Archiact. In it, players dodge an incoming swarm of bullets while taking down waves of enemies with exotic, customizable weapons. So, yeah, it’s a wave shooter but it’s definitely one of the more polished and enjoyable entries into the genre on Rift and Vive. No word on pricing yet but on PC it costs $14.99.

As you’d expect, the game requires two PlayStation Move controllers for its dual-wielding weapons. It’s a pretty natural fit for PSVR as is; levels all take place in front of the player so there won’t be any need to turn around and risk occluding the controllers. Also new to this version of the game is a Casual Mode that reduces the difficulty and makes attacks easier to dodge. There’s also an Endless Mode for people that want to perfect their ninja bullet evasion skills.

Next month is set to be a pretty good one for PSVR, then, as promising VR game Apex Construct is due out on February 20th as well. That should more than make up for a relatively slow start to the year.

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