Bonfire Is The Next VR Movie From Baobab, Starring Ali Wong

by Jamie Feltham • March 6th, 2019

Crow: The Legend and Invasion! creator Baobab Studios is back with its next project. Bonfire stars stand-up comic and actor, Ali Wong.

The studio announced its latest project earlier this week. According to a press release, Bonfire is an “absurd alien adventure”. That immediately recalls the studio’s second movie, Asteroids!, though the two don’t sound connected. In the film, viewers embody Space Scout 817. They’re sent on a mission to find a new planet for humans to inhabit. They crash land on an unknown planet and set about building a bonfire. Wong plays Debbie, a robot sidekick and your guide to this new world.

It’s an interactive piece. Boabab says you’ll have the chance to explore and influence the world around you. The studio also promises the chance to build relationships with new characters and, ultimately, make a tough choice between duty and conscience.  Perhaps more interestingly, the studio says Bonfire pushes its technical limits. The piece uses real-time rendering and AI to give viewers a leading role. We’ll be interested to see how the team goes about building interactivity into this one.

We’re always excited to see what’s next from Boabab. The Crow was one of our first VR experience reviews to earn a ‘Must See’ rating. Invasion! and Asteroids!, meanwhile, gave us our first glimpse at Pixar-like experiences in VR.

Bonfire is directed by Eric Darnell, co-founder of Baobab and co-director of the Madagascar series. Boabab didn’t announce a release date. We suspect you’ll see it on festival circuits before you see it inside headsets.

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